Get Google Adsense Approval | 10 Things You Must Do Before Apply

We know that Google Adsense is one of the world’s largest Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising program because they pay a higher rate than all of PPC advertising network. Most of the bloggers and webmaster want to monetize their blog and website using Google Adsense but now-a-days, most of them fail to get Google Adsense Approval or in most of the cases their account got banned in a few days. So this is one of the hot topics and most of the blogger search on the web to get released from this problem.

It’s really easy to get Google Adsense Approval easily and quickly, but before applying for Google Adsense you need to follow some guidelines and rules. You can follow Google Adsense Guidelines to get approved and overcome account ban.Get Gpoogle Adsense Approval

Here are the top 10 Things You Must Do Before Apply for Google Adsense

Take Your Own Domain

The Domain is one of the most important facts to get Google Adsense easily and quickly. Most of the newbie bloggers and webmaster still use sub-domain (Like or for their blog, and apply for Adsense but their application got rejected because of the domain name. If you buy a good domain name then you will get benefits in SEO, so take your own domain to get Adsense approved easily.

You can only apply for Google Adsense using a sub-domain blog or website if your blog/site receives high traffic from search engines, high quality content and high rank in Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

Domain Age

Domain Age is also another important fact for Adsense approval. You domain at least 3-4 months old before applying (Note: 6 months old is better). The first 3 or 4 months you need to work hard to get high traffic, get good keywords position in the search engine results page and you need to write some awesome content for your blog.

User Friendly Design and Navigation

You need to design your blog or website for your readers. So when you start your blog you need to choose a perfect theme (If you use WordPress CMS) or build a blog to provide better user experience. It’s really important if you want to get huge return traffic to your blog. You can use premium theme for your blog and if your budget is low then you can buy a theme from MyThemeShop, ElegantThemes or Themeforest at a reasonable price.

You need to ensure that your blog or website is SEO friendly and there are no hidden links, text or spam link. (Note: Premium themes are SEO friendly and free from hidden links or text)

Create Some Important Pages

Some pages are really important for a blog or website and they add some extra value to your blog/site. These pages also help to provide better user experience to your readers and Google always love it. Most of the newbie forgets to create these pages to their blog/site and this is also one of the major reasons to get Adsense Approval. Let’s have a look at some important page

Privacy Policy: This is one of the common mistake that most of the newbie blogger makes and they got rejected. According to Google Adsense Guidelines, your blog or website must have a Privacy Policy page that contains some important information for your visitors like cookies info, device-specific information, location information and much more.

About Page: You need to provide detail information about your blog or website in the About page of your blog/site. This is most important for a standard blog because in most of the cases when a visitor first time visit your blog they want to know about your blog/site through about page. According to Adsense Guidelines, your blog must have an about page to get Adsense Approval.

Contact Page: Your blog should have a contact page so that anyone can easily contact with you. This page helps to show the Google Adsense Team that you actually concern about your readers and not only the money.

Be Careful About Content

We know that content is the king of a blog or website. If your blog/site contains high quality content which is helpful for your readers, then they will return to your blog regularly and you will get huge benefits. So must post content with true and useful information. You must be careful about content type because Google Adsense is not for Illegal Items, Pornographic, Drugs related site or content.

Do You Know About Posts Limit?

Posts limit is also another important fact to get Adsense approval easily. Before applying Adsense you need to ensure that your blog has sufficient posts for readers as well as Adsense. Your blog must contain minimum 60-70 posts with 500-600+ words.

Name, Email and Age Verification

You must include your name and E-mail id in some pages of your blog like About, Contact Us page so that the Google Adsense Team will easily ensure that it is the same person who applied for Adsense and not spam.

You must be 18 years in old because Google Adsense is not for the people who are under 18.

Get Traffic From Search Engines

Traffic from search engines is one of the most important fact to make huge money from your blog/site using Adsense. Because Google Pays high rate for those clicks which occurs by the visitors who comes to your blog from search engines. If your blog traffic is low, then you may not get Adsense approval. You need to ensure that your blog gets minimum 200-300 visitors per day.

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Remove Others Ad Network

If you use others PPC ads (like Chitika) on your blog, then you need to remove those ad links first before applying for Adsense. Google Adsense doesn’t allow you to use others PPC ads network along with them and if you use others PPC ads before Adsense approval you got banned.

Paid Traffic

Google hates paid traffic and in most of the cases, your blog/website will penalized by Google if you use paid traffic. So there is no chance to get Adsense approval if you use paid traffic.

It’s Your Turn

So if you want to make money from Google Adsense you need to modify your blog/site before apply for Adsense. Just follow above tips to Get Google Adsene Approval easily and quickly.

Have I missed any important point? Please let me know by commenting below.

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