How to Get More Traffic to Your New Blog?

Traffic is one of the most important fact for a blog, especially for a new blog. Most of the new bloggers quit their blogging profession because they don’t receive enough traffic for their blog even if they run their blog for a long time. So, how to get more traffic to your new blog? It’s not too easy to get a large amount of traffic to your blog, but I want to say it’s not too hard to get a good amount of traffic to your blog if you follow some tips and tricks.

So, why they don’t see traffic from their blog? The main reason is networking.

If you are a strong Networker then your blog must get a large number of traffic regularly and for a long time. The most common and easy way of networking with people by using social networking site like

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google Plus

You can easily create a vast network through facebook, twitter and google plus. You can easily connect with a large number of bloggers through these to get more traffic

Here are some easy and EXCLUSIVE ways to get more traffic to your new BLOG.

Create great content for your blog

A great content is the heart of a blog. You should create some great content for your blog and those content, topics must relate to your blog niche. When you post some unique and great content to your blog which is really helpful for your readers then you will receive a large amount of traffic regularly and also when people find your article helpful they will return to your blog.

You should write content with 1000 to 1500 words once in a while which make a good effort into your blog. If it is not possible for you to create content with too many words then you should try to create your content with detailed.

You can take idea from successful bloggers to write a great content and also you can share your own story (Like your blogging career story) with your readers so that they engage with your blog and you will get good traffic for a long time.

Be social

When you set your mind to be a successful blogger then you should also set it your mind that you should be social. Create profile in some popular social site and build relationship with others people through social site. Promote your blog post through social site and get good traffic from social site.

You should make an announcement on your social media profiles that you have started blogging and ask for your friends and followers to get an idea about content writing and others.

Build strong network

Build strong network with other successful bloggers, writers and ask them frequently about their success and also try to learn something from them.

Facebook: Create a fan page or group for your blog on Facebook and invite your friends and people to join. You can also join the other group to share your opinion, promote your blog and get experience from them.

When your fan page or group get a large number of followers and fan then your blog also gets good traffic from those groups or page. You can promote others blog to your group and page so that people can inspire to join your group and page.

Twitter: A great social networking site where you can get a large amount of traffic for your blog easily. Follow others bloggers and your niche blogs and communicate with them regularly. You can search your niche blog on twitter and follow and promote your blog there.

Google Plus: Another great platform for building good relationship with others niche blog owners and successful bloggers. Create a Google Plus page and promote your blog post on their and you should verify your blog ownership in Google Plus. When you verify your ownership in Google Plus then your blog will get a large amount of traffic from Google Plus as well as Google.

Start Blog Commenting and Forum Posting that are similar to your blog

Blog commenting in niche site is one of the great and popular ways to get a good traffic in your blog. When you comment in others similar blog, then people will interested about your blog and they visit your blog if they find your blog helpful. Blog commenting on niche sites and blogs also helpful for SEO.

You should remember that you will never spam on others blog and website. You should add value to your comment so that they can easily approve your comments and they will be happy.

You can find a large number of your niche blog by using a search engine. Just go to and Type “Your Niche/Keywords + Blog”.

Forum Posting is another great way to get good traffic within a short period of time. You can search for your niche forum and create a good profile on there. You can easily put your blog/site link in your profile in most of the forum. Engage with others people by forum posting regularly and convert traffic to your blog. Your post in the forum should have a value so that people easily interested about you and your blog.

Create some video tutorials

  • Create some video tutorials on different topics which are related to your blog.
  • Promote these video on Youtube, Metacafe, Vimeo etc.
  • Add your blog link on video tutorial so that people easily find your blog.
  • Promote video link on social bookmarking site and social networking sites.

Create a plan about SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is another important fact for a new blog. You should research keywords properly so that you can easily rank your blog in most of the search engine. Most of the people think that SEO is not important for a new blog but this is a bad idea.

If you want good amount organic traffic to your blog then you must create a proper plan for SEO and do SEO properly. Be aware about keyword density in your content and also you should careful about keyword stuffing.

Submit your blog to Search Engine

You should submit your blog URL to major search engine so that they can easily find your blog and index your blog properly and regularly. Submit your blog URL to Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask, Aol and others major search engine.

Final Words

Always try to keep your content fresh and copyright free. Don’ use others blog or website image. Some people try to reproduce content from others blog with or without blog owner’s permission, don’t do this.

You can also submit some guest post to others niche blog but when you start your blogging career, you’re not familiar with others bloggers so that they can’t approve your guest post easily.

So try to do these things regularly and properly

  • Post great content regularly
  • Build network with other bloggers
  • Be social active in online and
  • Blog commenting and forum posting on niche sites
  • Do SEO properly
  • Submit your site to major search engine

I think I have missed any other way to Get more traffic to your new blog. Please take your action by commenting below 😀

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