A Complete Guide on How to Start Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is one of the best ways to make money online. You can earn huge money by affiliate marketing and it’s more effective than others make money process like Adsense. Most of the new people fail to earn money from Affiliate Marketing because they don’t know how to start and all process of affiliate marketing. There are tons of tutorial you find on the web about how to start affiliate marketing but, you need to find a proper guideline and start following.

There are tons of companies use affiliate marketing program to increase their online sales and most of the companies offers to join their affiliate program for free of cost. If you have a blog then you can also make huge money by affiliate marketing. You just need to know how you can make money from affiliate marketing. So here I’ll try to provide you a complete guide on how to start affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing-What’s It?

So you want to start affiliate marketing? Then you need to know what is it? Simply we can define “Affiliate Marketing is a process by which you can promote anyone or any organization, product or service and you will get commission if anyone buys a product or service from your affiliate link.” You will get a commission each time people buy from your affiliate link and this is an easy way to earn more.start-affiliate-marketing

Why Affiliate Marketing?

There are tons of answers to this question. Here are some reasons to choose affiliate marketing to make money online.

  • You don’t need to develop or create a product
  • You don’t need to provide customer service after sales
  • Earn a certain amount of commission each time when your visitors buy a product or service from your affiliate link
  • Simple to promote
  • Don’t need any fee to join an affiliate program
  • Most of the affiliate programs are risk free from ban

How to Start?

You can earn from affiliate marketing in two ways, by blogging or creating a niche blog/website. Before starting affiliate marketing you need to make a research on different type’s products or service. You should choose a product or service which your blog/website visitor like most and also it is that they need to purchase. You can find a lot of tools, affiliate product directory, affiliate network by which you can easily make a research and choose the best product to promote. When you do research you also understand which product or service you can sell best and earn money easily.make-money-with-affiliate-marketingAfter product researches, then you need to create a blog or website and you must ensure that your blog or affiliate website is SEO friendly. Page structure and navigation should be well, so that your readers get the best user experience from your site/blog. You need to create a sales page to promote a product or service. You should promote those products or service which is related to your site or blog and need to write attractive review of product/service so that your readers encourage buying products.

After that you should drive traffic from search engine to your blog/site because Traffic is Money. If your blog traffic is low, then your sales will be low. When traffic comes to your blog/site then you can convert your traffic into money.

Take a look quickly on what you need to do to start affiliate marketing.

  • Product research
  • Keyword research
  • Creating a blog or website
  • Write product reviews and
  • Drive targeted traffic to your blog/site from search engines

Product Research

Product research is one of the most important facts for Affiliate Marketing and most of the people fail in affiliate marketing for product research. You should choose a product or service on the basis of a specific subject or criteria. If you fail to choose perfect product or service, then you won’t sell product. So the following points should be kept in mind when choose and promote a product or service.

  • Product/service should be related to your site/blog
  • The amount of commission for each sale
  • Your promoted product should be quality fuel
  • Choose a product that helps to get good traffic
  • Using multi-level tier affiliate program
  • Choose those products that your visitors buy repeatedly, such as fashion product, household product etc.

How to choose the best affiliate program?

You should choose an affiliate program which is easy to use and pay large amounts of commission.  Choose an affiliate program that provides products or service related to your blog niche. If your affiliate program not relevant to your blog niche, then no sell will occur. Try to choose an affiliate program who offers a new product or service randomly. People always like to buy something new, something special so try to offer a unique product or service. Payments are also another important fact to choose an affiliate program. Before joining a program, check out their referral commission, minimum payouts and payment method.

Some popular affiliate programs are

Keyword Research

Keyword research also important for affiliate marketing because if you do keyword research properly, then you will get a large amount of traffic from search engines. You can get a clear-cut idea about your product by keyword research. You can use some tools and third party website for keyword research. Keyword research is the most important thing is to find a benefit for the keyword content of your blog or site will be developed. Following points should be considered when create keyword lists for your blog or site.

  • The keyword should be related to your product or service
  • The keyword should be action keywords
  • Keyword competition should be low

Creating a blog/website

Before starting affiliate marketing you need to create a plan on how to promote your affiliate product/service, by blog or niche blog/site? So create your blog or niche site for affiliate marketing. WordPress is one of the best platform for creating a blog. You can easily create a blog and maintain and you don’t need to know about web coding or programming to run a WordPress Blog. There are a lot of WordPress plugins available which helps to increase your sales.

What is an affiliate marketing blog?

A blog is usually written in a different category or subject, but when you only write on a single topic on your blog, then you need for keyword research and you can promote similar products to your blog/site. Suppose if you write about fashion then you will join a fashion affiliate program and promote their product and earn money.

What is affiliate marketing niche site/blog?

Nice site/blog is different than a blog. A niche blog only contains simple topic. Such as if you write about smart phone cover then you need to write all posts about smart phone cover. You can join a smart phone cover affiliate program and promote their product so that you can earn money.

Write Product Reviews

You should write product reviews on your blog or site to promote the product. You need to know why this product is important for your visitor and why they should buy it. You have to write a product review in a way so that your blog visitor expressed interest to buy the product or service. Some points should be kept in mind when you write a product review

  • The product should be related to your blog
  • Be honest; don’t impress your visitor by providing wrong information
  • Choose a product that you like most and already use
  • Choose a product which is popular in affiliate program

Drive targeted traffic to your blog

Online marketing is very important to bring traffic to your blog/site. You can get good traffic to your blog by paid service or a free service. You should use paid or free service properly to get huge traffic. Some steps to bring traffic to your blog.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): SEO is one of the best and free ways to bring traffic to your blog. Doing proper SEO you will get a lot of organic traffic to your blog which increase your product sales.

Social Media Marketing: Social media marketing is another popular and free way to drive traffic from social media and social networking site. Just promote your content on social media sites and get traffic.

E-mail Marketing: Some companies provide free e-mail marketing service (Mailchimp allow 2000 subscribers free) by which you can promote your product to targeted customers. Build an e-mail list and inform them about your product.


Start Affiliate Marketing now by following above tips and tricks. Don’t be frustrated, make money by affiliate marketing not possible in a day or week. You need to try and try and must follow the proper techniques.

Have I missed anything that is important for starting affiliate marketing? Please comment below and let me know what I missed?

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