How to Choose Good and Effective Domain Name?

Choosing a good and effective domain name is one of the most important fact for your website or blog. It’s not matter that your website or blog is personal or business purpose. A good domain name creates a good impact on your website/blog. When you are planning to start a new website or blog, it is probably the first thing to choose a domain name. If want to get a good and effective domain name, you must know how you choose it. So the question is How to choose good and effective domain name?

Here are some tips and tricks on How to Choose Good and Effective Domain Name.

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Choose a Simple Domain Name

You have to choose a simple domain name for your website or blog so that people can easily remember your site/blog name and they can understand it and type it easily without miss spelling. You should try to choose a domain name with few characters because if your domain name is short, people can remember it easily and also type it without miss-spelling when they enter your blog and website.

Your domain name should be easy to remember, so choose a domain name which is related to your blog/site. There are a large number of languages available in the world, but English is one of the common languages, so try to choose your domain name which is match with English language. You may choose a domain name which is related or match with your native language, but for this reason you may lose a large number of international visitors who cannot easily memorize your domain name because they are not familiar with your native language.

People always ask me that ‘what is the ideal length of a domain name by the character?’ Do you know it? I think I don’t know what the ideal length is but I always suggest people to keep their domain name with low character as possible. You may choose a good domain name with 6 to 10 characters so that people can easily memorize.

Choose the Right Extension

There are a lot of domain extensions available and you have to choose the right extension for your blog/website.

.COM: .COM is one of the most popular domain extension used by millions of people and companies for their business website and personal blog. You can choose this extension (.com) for any kind business website, organization website, personal blog etc. If this extension is not available for your chosen domain name, then you can add some number or letter with your chosen domain name like you choose but this domain not available then you can choose or like Still your domain name is not available? Then you can choose an alternate extension like .NET, .ORG or your country extension (Like

 .NET: .NET is also another popular domain extension in the world. People generally use this extension when their chosen domain name not available with .COM extension. Some people and companies also use this extension for their business website or blog.

.ORG: .ORG is also a common domain name used by many people for their website. Many people generally use this extension for their organization website/blog and also use for non-profit organization website.

.INFO: .INFO is generally used for informative or personal blog or website and blog.

.EDU: .EDU is one of popular domain extensions for educational website/blog and also for school, college, university and educational institute

Others extension: You can also use others extension like .BIZ for business website, .TV for Television channel website, .mobi for mobile related website/blog and .gov for government website. If you want a good rank in a specific country, then you can choose a domain name with country extension

Choose a Domain Name with Keywords and Phrase

When you want to get a good rank in search engine for specific keywords, then you can choose a domain name with your targeted keywords. It’s really a good technique for getting a good rank in search engine. If single keywords domain name not available which you select then you can add any number or letter with this keyword.

If you cannot find a good domain name with .COM extension or with your business name, product name or brand name, then you can choose a phrase for your domain name. A phrase domain name generally don’t include your company, brand or product name but these are easy to memories so that people can easily remember your domain name and type it easily without a miss spelling. One great thing about phrase domain names is that they’re not restricted to your company name, which is convenient if that domain name is already taken.

Final Words

  • Try to get a .com extension because people easily memorize it
  • Try to choose a domain with your targeted keywords, brand name, company name, business name etc.
  • Ensure that your domain is simple and easy to memorize
  • Try to keep your domain name as short as possible
  • Don not use .Xxx extension in your domain name if your site is not an adult site

If you read this post (How to choose good and effective domain name) carefully, you don’t need to search again on the web or ask someone to choose a proper domain name.

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