Top 10 Effective Ways to Make Money With a Blog

Maybe money is nothing for the person who born with huge money, but, it’s everything for most of the people. It is important things today and in the future for people to maintain their life. There are so many ways to make money, but you need to find a proper way that is comparable easier than others.

Make money with a blog is one of the easy way, you just need to find out how making money with a blog? Every day, thousands of people search on the web to find some effective and easiest way to make money. They find a lot of information, some are helpful and some are not.

At first you need to understand what a blog is, what is blogging and how you make money with it? Blog and Blogging is not a simple clop, it’s a package, so you need to understand all about blog and blogging. Here, I’m not going to describe what is blog and blogging. I’m going to share top 10 effective ways to make money with a blog.Effective Ways to Make Money with a Blog

Easy and Effective Ways to Make Money Blogging

1. Join Click Per Cost (CPC) Advertising Program

Click Per Cost (CPC) is one of the most popular, easiest and effective way to make money with a blog. You need to build a blog that popular enough and get high traffic from search engines. Join a CPC advertising program and place ads on your blog, when your visitor click on those ads, you will get paid. This is one of the common ways and almost every blogger join the CPC program to earn money.

Here are some popular CPC advertising programs that you can use to monetize your blog.

Google Adsense

Google Adsense is one of the commonest and easiest ways to make money with your blog. Most of the bloggers build their blog to monetize with Google Adsense because they pay a higher rate than others.

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But you need to make your blog popular and need to get huge traffic from search engine for a handsome earn. You need to put ads unit on your blog properly and proper place, that increase your earnings.

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Others CPC Program

Now-a-days, Google Adsense strict about their program policy and you will not get approval if your blog does not match with their terms and conditions. So many bloggers use other CPC program to monetize their blog. Some popular CPC programs are

2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is another effective and popular way to make money easily and quickly with your blog. There are thousands of companies offers affiliate program, you just need to join and promote their product through your blog. When you drive traffic to their site and they buy some product, you will get a specific amount commission. Just promote those products which are related to your blog topic.

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You need to figure out a popular affiliate advertising program that pays high commission. Some popular affiliate programs are

3. Sell Ad Space

Another way to monetize your blog which also popular and easiest way, if your blog popular and get huge traffic. You need to create some ad space and sell it directly to advertise companies. There are some popular companies who help to make money by selling your blog ad space. BuySellAds is popular one, where you can join and sell ad space, but this also needs high traffic to earn high.

4. Sponsorships

When your blog becomes popular, there is a huge chance to get sponsorship from several companies. You just need to advertise their products or service through your blog by review of ad space. You need to continence to companies that sell or offer a service that is similar to your blog and your blog has a sufficient amount of traffic according to their demand.

Search on the web and find some popular companies who offer service and sell product that are similar to your blog topic. Ask them about sponsorship.

5. Sell Your Own Product

You are a blogger and you have enough knowledge about blogging, content writing, SEO, web design & development, WordPress, right? Yes, most of the famous and successful blogger know everything about blogging and they earn money through teaching about blogging others.

You can write some eBooks, create some video tutorials, arrange online training and sell through your blog. Remember that, to sell your own product, you need to make yourself popular and need to show people about your knowledge and income through blogging.

6. Offering a Service to Make Money

As I said before, as a blogger, you know several things. So you can offer service to your reader that is another easy and effective way to make money with your blog. You can offer SEO Service, Content Writing or Web design & development service that need no investment and you will earn huge. You can also offer online training and consultancy service through your blog.

7. Become a Speaker

Blogs are one of the most common platforms that make you popular. When your blog becomes popular as well as you will be popular and people want to talk with you about how you make money and so on. So there is a big chance to become a speaker, because people will also invite you to speak at conference, seminar, workshop and you will earn money.

8. Build your Business using a Blog

The Blog is the best platform that you can use to build and grow your online and local business easily and effectively. Although, it’s not so easy and takes a long time, but it’s possible. When you are a successful blogger, then there is a huge chance to build your own local or online business.

9. Build E-mail List

We know that e-mail marketing is one of the powerful and effective ways that helps to make more money through your blog. At first you need to collect and build email list using your blog. Just use a sign up form and encourage people to sign up by offering some free eBooks or tutorials. When your mail list becomes matured then offer some physical or virtual products people through email. You can also use those emails to get huge traffic to your blog that converts into money.

10. Donations

This is not a good practice and smart way to make money with a blog but you can do it. Just ask your visitor for a donation with gently at the end of the post. If your readers enjoy your post and learn something from it, then they surely donate your blog.

It’s Your Time

There are several ways to make money with a blog, but you need to find out proper one or more ways to monetize your blog.

Have I missed any effective ways to make money? Please let me know and also let me know which one is your favorite and effective way?

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