How to Triple Your Adsense Earnings in 30 Days?

When you build a successful blog or website then you can monetize your blog/site in various ways. Google Adsense is one of the popular PPC advertising program and most of the bloggers and website owners like to monetize their blog by using Google Adsense. When you use Google Adsense to make money from your blog, then you also need to know how to make huge money using Google Adsense. You can easily Triple your Adsense Earnings in 30 Days by applying some techniques.


So I’m going to share some exclusive tips and tricks to Triple Your Adsense Earnings in 30 Days.

A Clean Up Design

A clean up designed blog/site is one of the important facts for Adsense Revenue. You will agree with me that, if your blog looks ugly then people don’t like to stay your blog. If you want to make huge money from Adsense then you need to stay and return your visitor to your blog.

Most of the visitors like to visit a blog with a simple and better design. So make your blog design and user friendly.  Be aware about your blog navigation. Always try to build a blog where visitor finds information easily.

Try to make your professional blog. If your blog content contains helpful information for visitor then visitor will stay and return to your blog and you will make a lot of money. Your blog/site should be responsive that means should be easy accessible from pc, table or smart phone because now-a-days people love to use internet from tablet and smart phone more than pc.

Not Content, Quality Content

People always suggest posting huge amount of content to a blog to increase Adsense earnings but I suggest you, only post quality content to your blog. Your content should be related to your niche and blog. Focusing on a single subject is better for better earning because Google serve ads based on your blog content and also Google can determine which ads are better for your reader.

Before building a blog make a proper keyword research to make money more from Adsense. Focus on your targeted keywords before posting on your blog.

Ad Size is Big Matter

The ad size, which you place on your web page is another important factor for low earnings from Adsense. The big size ad unit is most effective to increase your Adsense Revenue. Always try to use large size ad unit into your blog.

Effective ad units are

  • 336X280
  • 300X250
  • 728X90 and
  • 160X600

Ad Placement is Important

Ad placement on your blog is another important factor for increase Adsense Earnings. Always try to put ads on the top of a page because ads on the top of a page get better CPC. This is also a big factor to get a huge amount of click on ads because your visitors provably stay more time on the top of the page. You can also add an ad unit in top sidebar or at the middle point of your page which also helps to get huge click.

Ad Type

Many people ask me that what type ad is better for earning more from Adsense. I always suggest them to use both type that means TEXT and IMAGE/RICH Media ads. Because it helps Google Ad but to serve a better ad to your site which helps you to make a good amount of money per click.

Ad Design

Ad design is important to increase your Adsense earnings. Try to add an ad unit which text color and design match with your blog design and text color. This will help you to get more clicks on an ad. You can easily change your ad unit background color and text color from the Google Adsense Dashboard.

More is Not Always Better

I saw many people use 3 to 5 ad units to their blog or website to get more revenue. But maybe they don’t know that they earn less for using too many ad units. If you use single ad unit per page, then you will get a good CPC. This is the cue “Less Ads = Higher Competition = Higher CPC = Better Earning”

Focus on Organic Traffic

Try to increase organic traffic to your blog because Google Adsense pays high for the click which obtained from organic traffic. If your blog gets a huge visitor, you have a chance to get more clicks on your ad. So work hard to drive traffic from search engines but make a concerted effort to find traffic that adds value to your blog.

Test ad Position by displaying ads on different position on your blog

You can run a test by displaying ad on different position on your blog. This will help you to identify a proper place from where you can get a good amount of click on Adsense ads. Remember that, display ad for a position for at least one week.

Use Adsense for Search

Google Adsense provides the advantage to add a search box in your blog with Google Adsense ads. When anyone searches on your blog Adsense will display similar type ad with search result and if visitor click on those ads you will get a good amount of money.

Blocking Less Competitive Ads

You can block low paying sites to get better CPC. You can block those sites from your Google Adsense Dashboard. But be careful about it, if you are not an expert then don’t do it.

Use Adsense Friendly robots.txt

Use Google Adsense Friendly robots.txt file so that Google Adsense bot will serve you better ad.

Use following code on robots.txt file

User-agent: Mediapartners-Google*

Now Your Turn

No matter how much is your income from Google Adsense. Just follow above tips and trick, hope your Adsense earning will be tripe within 30 days.

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