10 Best Affiliate Marketing Programs 2015

Do you want to make some money with Affiliate Marketing Programs? Not only you, most of the people want to make money online with different affiliate marketing. But it’s not too easy for beginners, because most of the case, they can’t evaluate affiliate marketing strategy properly. Different types affiliate program meets different needs, so must choose the proper and best affiliate marketing programs. You must know about their affiliate marketing policies, systems, features, referral rate, payment systems etc. It is also important to define how you promote their product because the different affiliate product needs a different platform to promote. Hope this post will help you to choose the perfect and best affiliate marketing programs.

Best Affiliate Marketing Programs 2015

1. Commission Junction (CJ)

Commission Junction (CJ) is one of the leading affiliate marketing network, started their journey in 1998. CJ, a ValueClick company, is based in Santa Barbara, California but it operates globally. CJ comes with a lot of affiliate marketing features to serve their customers better. It is a perfect affiliate program for beginners as well as professionals because you will find here a lot of products to promote. CJ is the first choice of many professional and beginner affiliate marketers for their simple and effective marketing policies. You can directly contact with the companies whose product you promote, and can get brief descriptions of the product. It surely helps you to make your affiliate marketing more effective.CJ, Best Affiliate Markting Programs

Benefits of CJ

  • Up-to-date reporting features with real time data
  • Easy to understand and use
  • Free sign up
  • Product and company searching features
  • Free live support
  • Secure payment system
  • High commission
  • Minimum payout 50$ (For direct deposit) and 100$ (For Check)

2. LinkShare

LinkShare is also a large affiliate network with more than 10 million affiliate partners. They are popular for highest commission pay and easy to use. You will find a lot of products in LinkShare to promote and earn money easily. As a newbie, you can choose this affiliate network for its simple interface, real time reporting features and huge learning resource. For advanced cookies features, you will never lose your commission.Link Share Affiliate Marketing Network

Benefits of LinkShare

  • Free sign up
  • Fast and secure payment
  • A huge learning resource
  • User friendly interface and real time data reporting
  • Search features
  • Live support through mail
  • More than 2,500 merchants

3. Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates is the most popular and top affiliate network for beginners. It is really easy to earn some extra money using this affiliate program for newbies. Just set-up an own blog and promote products from Amazon affiliate. The main advantage of this affiliate is you will find a lot of various products to promote. Just promote a product through your blog/site and earn for a long time. You can also select a niche for your blog and promote product according to the niche to get more revenue easily and quickly.Amazon Affiliate Program

Features of Amazon Associates

  • Real time earning reports and order reports
  • Free and easy to sign up
  • Various products
  • Search options
  • Support through the mail
  • Attractive commission
  • Minimum payout 10$ (Direct Deposit) and 100$ (By Check)

4. ShareASale

Yet another simple and effective affiliate marketing platform used by millions of people to make money online. ShareASale comes with more than 2500 merchants and millions of products. You can select any product from them and simple promote to earn revenue. The advanced search features helps to select the proper product to promote and you will also get promotion offers from search options. Promotional offers help to make more money by promoting the product easily with some discount of other features.ShareASale

Benefits of ShareASale

  • Earnings reports
  • Fast and easy payout system
  • Free sign up
  • Easy to find a proper product to promote
  • High commission
  • Help and Support

5. ClickBank

If you are newbie in affiliate marketing and want success within a short period of time, then ClickBank is the perfect one. You will find a lot of unique features, advance search options and free learning resource to know more about this network. When you want to promote some e-books or software items to make some extra money, then ClickBank should be your first choice.ClickBank Affiliate Network

Features of ClickBank

  • Free sign up
  • Real time data reporting
  • Attractive commission
  • Secure payout system
  • 24 hours customer support

6. Google Affiliate Network

Google Affiliate Network, also popular and best affiliate marketing programs that help their publisher to convert traffic into customers. Their effective affiliate marketing strategy helps to get good revenue within a short period of time. It is really easy to promote their product. You just need a blog/site with a Google Adsense Account. The Google Affiliate Network most popular for its pay per action PPA systems.

7. one Network Direct

The one Network Direct mostly popular for its user friendly interface with real time reporting features. You can simply earn commission by promoting their product which is easy for you. This affiliate network also included smart search features, support through mail, fast payout, attractive commissions and much more.

8. ClixGalore

The ClixGalore offers different types programs to their publisher to make their affiliate marketing more effective. This is an Australian company, but they operate globally. They are mainly PPA (Pay-per-action) affiliate marketing network, but they also provide PPL, PPM, PPS, PPC for better monetization.

9. ClickSure

ClickSure is mainly popular to promote their product by video marketing, content marketing and blog. If you are a blogger then it is really easy to earn huge commission from this affiliate network. You must choose the perfect product and promoting strategy to get better results and high commission. Join this network for free and promote their product.

10. Payoneer Affiliate Program

Payoneer is one of the most popular online payment processing company and they offers to their customers. You just need to sign up for a Payoneer card and when you got it you will be able to refer through an affiliate link. You will receive $25 commission when someone sign up though your link and send or receive minimum 100$.

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Payoneer offers US payment service, so that you will also get a virtual US bank account which you can use to get payment from any company like Amazon.

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It’s Your Time

Want to make some money with affiliate marketing? Then Choose the Best Affiliate Marketing Programs to monetize your blog/site and earn some extra money. You must choose the perfect affiliate network, according to your blog/site niche so that you can easily earn money.

I’m using Amazon Associates and some others affiliate network to monetize my blog and which one is your favorite? Let me know by commenting below 😀

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