How to Find Similar Blogs in Your Niche for Blog Commenting

SEO’s and Webmasters know that, Blog Commenting is one of the most popular and effective ways to get high quality backlinks. Blog commenting also helps to drive huge referral traffic to your blog. And it also helps to build a strong online community & good relation with other bloggers.How to Find Similar Niche Blogs

Now-a-days, it also helps to build your brand and make yourself well-known in blogging industry. But finding the right blogs to drop comments is not really easy, especially for newbie bloggers. You can use some tricks, get helps from search engines and some other tools to find similar blogs in your niche.

Okey, Why you have to find similar niche blogs for blog commenting?

There are several reasons to find similar blogs for blog commenting. Some important reasons as follows

  • To get high quality backlinks because only backlinks from similar type blog/site or similar niche blog/sites are considered as high quality backlinks
  • To get targeted referral traffic
  • To build relationship with similar niche bloggers
  • To build your blog as a brand

After finding similar blogs, you have to measure the quality of those blogs to get backlinks from blog commenting. All blogs you will get similar to your niche aren’t high quality blogs. You have to comments only on those blogs which comes with high authority.

Here is a simple checklist you can consider before comments on any blog to get backlinks.

  • Blog Popularity – Blog popularity is one of the most important facts that you should consider before comments on others blog. You must check the age of the blog, the quality of the blog posts, average comments on the blog posts, update frequency of the blog etc. to measure of a blog popularity.
  • Blog Similarity – As I said before, blog similarity is most important facts to get high quality backlinks from blog commenting. If you get backlinks by commenting from those blogs which topics are not similar to your blog topic, then those backlinks may count as SPAM BACKLINKS.
  • Domain Authority and Page Authority – As Google Page Rank not updated, so Domain Authority and Page Authority are most of the important metrics to measure the popularity and quality of a blog. Some professional bloggers and SEO’s don’t like to get backlinks from a blog which Domain Authority less than 20. Personally, I have never commented on those blogs which Domain Authority less than 10.
  • Page Rank – Although Page Rank not updated for the last few years, but some bloggers and webmasters still consider Page Rank to get backlinks from a blog.
  • Alexa Rank – Another important and great way to measure the quality and popularity of a blog. Personally, I don’t like to comment on those blogs which Alexa Rank more than 40K.

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  • Trust Flow – Another great matrices from MAJESTIC to measure popularity and quality of a blog. It is not a good idea to comment on those blogs which Trust Flow less than 10.

“You can also use a tool such as NinjaOutreach in order to find places to comment on. Simply type in your niche in the ‘content prospecting’ and you should be able to articles in the result. Check these articles to see if they fit and start commenting!”

Well, So

How to Find Similar Blogs?

Number#1 | Using Google

Google is the most popular search engine in the world and we can utilize Google to find similar blogs. Using some search quires/strings you can easily find similar blogs.

At first go to the Google and search using these quires.

Keyword “Leave a comment”

Keyword “Comment here”

Keyword “Add comment”

Keyword “Powered by WordPress”

Keyword “You may use these HTML tags and attributes”

Keyword “Post a comment”

Keyword “Notify me of follow-up comments ”

Keyword “Notify me of new posts”

Keyword “Leave a Reply”

Note: You can check this list to get more than 10,000 Search Queries to find similar blogs, sites, forums, social bookmarking sites, .edu sites, .gov sites to create backlinks.

Number#2 | Using Social Networking Sites

Facebook – Facebook is one of the most popular social networking site and you can utilize Facebook to find similar niche blogs. Search for similar Group on Facebook and join in those Group. You will get similar blogs on those groups. You can also search using your topic and hashtag on Facebook to find similar niche blogs.

Twitter – Twitter is also a great source to find similar blogs. You can search using your niche on Twitter to find similar blogs.

Google Plus – Google Plus is another great source to find similar blogs. You will find several Communities on Google+ on your niche, join on those Communities to find similar blogs. You can also search on Google Plus using Hashtag to find similar blogs.

Number#3 | SimilarSite Search

Similar Site Search to find Similar Blogs

SimilarSite Search is one of the most popular Tool to find similar sites using the URL and Keywords. Simply search on this tool using your blog URL or targeted keywords to find high quality sites and blogs.

Number#4 | Link Searching

Link Searching to Find Similar Blogs

Link Searching is a new released Tool to find similar blogs, forums, social bookmarking sites, directories, guest posting sites and much more. Using this tool, you can choose several options to find similar blogs. You can search for similar blogs using keywords, blog type, etc.

Number#5 | Blog Directories

Blog directories are a great source to find similarly high quality blogs. Here are some popular and well-known blog directories to find similar blogs.

  • Alltop – One of the most popular and well-known blog directory to find similar blogs. You can search on this blog using your blog topic or Browse blogs by your niche category.
  • Technorati – This is one of the oldest blog directory where you can easily find hundreds of similar blogs. Simply search in this directory using your blog niche or browse blogs by category.
  • Blog Catalog – Another popular and oldest blog directory. You can find similar blogs by browsing your niche topic or using Advance built-in search option easily.

Number#6 | Blog Search

There are several blog search engines available to search only blogs. Using these tools, you can also find similar blogs easily and quickly.

Here is the list of some popular and well-known blog search tools

Number#7 | Find Blogs in a Popular Blog

Well, this is one of my effective personal strategy to find similar blogs in my blog niche. At first I create a list of some most popular and well-known blogs in my niche and visit those blogs regularly to find new blogs for blog commenting.

So how?

We know that, most popular blogs get huge comments on their blog posts. And all of those comments come from similar niche blog owners with their blog link, right? You can check those comments individually to find similar high quality blogs.

Number#8 | Blog List

If you are a new blogger and don’t have any list of blogs with your niche, then you can search on the web for a blog list with your niche. You can easily get a huge list of blogs with Blogging, WordPress, SEO, Make Money, Affiliate Marketing, Fashion, Lifestyle, Travel, Business, Marketing, etc. by simply searching on Google.


It’s Your Turn

Hope these tips will help you to find popular and high quality similar blogs in your niche for blog commenting. So, let’s start blog commenting to build high quality backlinks and get huge referral traffic to your blog.

And also, please let me know by commenting below about this post or if I missed to include any important/easy tricks to find similar blogs.


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