How to Get Index Your New Blog Post Quickly | 15 Things Must Do

To get success in blogging industry, we are blogger trying our best to produce quality contents with useful information for our readers. After finding some awesome topics for your readers, doing some keyword research and finally write a new blog post and publish it on your blog to get readers. Search Engines are one of the most popular and effective source to get huge traffic to your blog. So after publishing a new content on your blog, you may do some tasks to index it quickly and rank better in SERPs to get massive traffic. But it is really not easy to get indexed your new blog post quickly in various major search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing for most of the newbie bloggers.
How to Get Indexed Your New Blog Post Quickly

So, in this post, I’m going to share some tips and tricks which you can follow to get indexed your new blog post easily and quickly.

15 Things Must Do To Get Index Your New Blog Post Quickly

  1. Keyword Research

Keyword research is one of the most important facts to rank your content better in SERPs and get huge traffic to the content. Before publishing a new post on your blog, you must do a small keyword research on the targeted keyword to find some awesome related keyword with a good amount of traffic. Don’t forget to use related keywords with the main keyword in your blog content. With a proper keyword research, you can easily write a quality content which helps to index it quickly in search engines and ranked better in SERPs.

  1. Write Helpful and Quality Content

It is really not easy for most of the newbie bloggers to write some helpful and quality contents that can solve their reader’s problem. But this is one of the major facts to get indexed your blog post super fast in search engines.

After a proper keyword research, you need to find some awesome post using search engines and analyze those posts properly. Try to read every point of those posts and also try to understand what they provide to their readers through the content. Remember that, don’t copy their content, and just try to get some idea from those contents and write an awesome content for your readers with minimum 1,000 Words.

  1. Optimize Your Content for Search Engines

To get indexed your blog post quickly in search engines, you must optimize it for search engines. Use targeted keywords properly in the content area. You must write an attractive headline with less than 55 characters (Not more than 5-6 Words).

You must need to use some sub-headlines in your content for better optimization. Use some paragraph to optimize it for both search engines and users. Must use at least one image, one video or audio clip in your post for better ranking in SERPs. Also use some bullet points in your content to make it easy to read and find helpful points easy for your visitors.

  1. Optimize Post URL

Post URL is also important to get indexed your post quickly and rank it better in SERPs. You must need to optimize every blog post URL properly. Use your targeted keyword in URL to rank your content better and don’t use Stop Words in URL.

  1. Share Your New Blog Post on Facebook

After publishing a new post on your blog, you must share it on Facebook to get indexed quickly. Share the post on your Facebook Profile and your blog/website fan page. Ask your friends to share your new post on their profile also to get indexed quickly.

Search for some Facebook group related to your blog niche, join on those group. Share the post link to those groups.

  1. Share on Google+

Google+ in one of the most important place to share your content to get indexed it quickly. Share the new post link in your Google+ profile and your blog page. You can also search for some Google+ Communities related to your blog niche. Join on those communities to share each new post of your blog. This will help to index post quickly and you can get huge referral traffic from Google+ Communities if your content is helpful and can solve the reader’s problem.

Don’t forget to use Hashtag in your post.

  1. Tweet Your New Blog Post

After publishing every new post on your blog, you must make a Tweet on Twitter to let your followers about the new blog post. Use attractive title and Hashtag properly to attract people’s attention to get some retweets. You can also use an Image or video in tweet to get maximum retweet.

Make sure you shorten the post URL before posting on Tweeter. This will help to get indexed your blog post superfast and get massive referral traffic.

  1. Submit on Reddit

Reddit is one of the great source to get huge traffic to your blog. It also helps to index your blog post quickly. At first you need to find some popular subreddits related to your blog niche and submit your new post link with attractive title to get referral traffic from Reddit. Some popular subreddits are fun, blog, science, pics, videos, gaming, technology, AskReddit, music, movies, world news, news etc.

  1. Submit on Scoop.It is one of the most popular content curation tool which is the best place to submit your content. Create a category related to your blog niche and submit your new blog post to get indexed quickly.

  1. Submit New Blog Post Image to Popular Image Sharing Sites

You must create one or more unique and attractive image for your new blog post. To get your new post index quickly by search engines, you can submit these images to some popular image sharing sites with your new post URL. You can submit images to Flickr, Picasa, Instagram, Photobucket, TinyPic etc.

  1. Email Your Blog Subscribers

As a professional blogger, you must let your readers to subscribe your blog and collect their email ID to get success in Blogging. So after publishing a new post on your blog, let your blog subscribes about the new post through email. Use a free or premium email marketing software to do this. You can use Mailchimp for free to send 12,000 emails per month to less than 2,000 subscribers.

  1. Do Some Blog Comments

After publishing a new blog post, go to the Google and find some awesome blog post with your targeted keyword for the new post or the new post title. Drop valuable comments on those blog posts. Try to drop a comment in Commentluv enable blog which helps to get a backlink for your latest blog post and this will surely help to index your new blog post quickly.

  1. Reply to Comments on the New Post

When you share your new blog post on your social profiles, email to subscribers, comments on others blog, share on several communities, I’m sure you will get huge traffic and some comments on your new blog post. You must reply to those comments as soon as possible. This will also help to index the new post quickly.

  1. Use Pinging Site

According to me, this is not a good idea to ping every new post of your blog. But you can use this for your new blog/site.

Ping-o-Matic is one of the most popular Pinging sites which helps to let search engines about your new blog post and index the post quickly. Just go to the Ping-o-Matic and submit your new blog post link with title.

  1. Update WordPress Ping Service

If you are using WordPress CMS, then you can ping automatically after publishing every new post on your blog. To update WordPress Ping Service, Login to the Admin Panel, Go to The Setting >> Writing and here you will see the option “Update Service”

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So, let me know by commenting below what you do to get indexed your new blog post. Also, let me know if I’ve missed to include some important points in this list.

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