How to Improve Alexa Rank of Your Blog/Website | Best 15 Tips

As a conscious Blogger and Webmaster, you must know the importance of Alexa Rank of a blog or website. This is one of the most important facts for a blog and website after Google Page Rank (PR), Domain Authority, MozRank. People judge your blog popularity using these facts so that you must work to improve these facts on your site. You may try several ways to Improve Alexa Rank of your blog/website but you may fail because you may not try some effective and proper ways. So I’m going to share Best 15 Tips on How to Improve Alexa Rank of Your Blog and Websites.New Look of Alexa Homepage

What is Alexa?

At first you need to know what Alexa Rank is. Alexa Internet Inc is one of the popular web information company based in California, a Subsidiary company of Amazon. The companies (Amazon) started their journey in 1996 and establish Alexa Internet Inc in 1999. The company helps both site owners to user by collecting different type’s data and ranking websites according their algorithm.

How Alexa Rank Works?

You also need to know how Alexa Ranking Works to get a better rank for your site or blog.

According to Wikipedia “Alexa toolbar collects data on browsing behavior and transmits it to the Alexa website, where it is stored and analyzed, forming the basis for the company’s web traffic reporting.”

Most of the bloggers and webmasters think that, Alexa Rank depends on only site traffic that they receive their site/blog through search engines or directly. But this is not only the factor of Ranking. They only trick those traffic which have Alexa Toolbar installed on their browser. Your blog must have Alexa widgets to get a good rank.

How Alexa Important for Your Site?

Alexa plays an important role for your blog or website. It is one of the common measuring scales of your blog popularity. So when you want to earn from your blog through advertising, you must have a good Alexa Rank so that advertisers easily determine your blog popularity. You can also see your website stats using Alexa as well as others.

Best 15 Tips on How to Improve Alexa Rank of Your Blog

1. Claim Your Site in Alexa

Verifying your site in Alexa is one of the most important tasks to get a Good Alexa Ranking. It does ensure that you are the owner of the site/blog and you have control over the domain. You need to register with Alexa and verify your domain using a Verification Code or Uploading the file (Given by Alexa during verification process) in your own server. You can also add a short description about your site and add owner contact information during verifying your site. You can simply Claim your site using this link.Claim your site in Alexa

If you are using the WordPress CMS as your blog or site platform, then you can easily and quickly claim your site in Alexa using a WordPress Plugin. Install and Configure the Alexa Claim and Certify Plugin and simply sign up and add a Meta code using this plugin.

2. Install Alexa Toolbar

Install and use Alexa Toolbar is also important to improve your site Alexa Ranking easily and quickly. Alexa only counts those traffic which comes through Toolbar or if they use the Toolbar. So Toolbar is most important to increase your blog rank. You can also simply ask your readers to install this toolbar in their browser. You can install this toolbar in any browser and you can also configure this according to your need. Download Alexa Toolbar from here.

3. Install Alexa Widget to Your Blog

Alexa loves those blogs and sites who use their Widgets on their site. You can simply use a custom Alexa Widget to your blog/site and it boosts to improve your blog Alexa Ranking within a short period of time. This widget simply shows your website/blog Alexa Ranking to your visitors so that they can easily judge your blog popularity. Go to this link and create a custom embedded code and add it your blog/site.

4. Ask Your Readers to Install Alexa Toolbar

Ask your readers to install and use Alexa Toolbar to improve your blog Alexa Rank. They can easily install and configure this toolbar according to their need. There are so many features of this toolbar. Anyone can easily see any site Alexa stats, search features, see related website/blog links, see site archives, quick access icon for Facebook, Twitter, Gmail and much more.How to use Alexa Toolbar

5. Update Your Blog Frequently

Updating your blog frequently plays a vital role to improve Alexa Ranking. This is the backbone of increasing your site Alexa Rank. So you must update your blog daily basis when you just start a blog. When your blog becomes popular then you may post three or four times in a week.

Update Regularly = Index Regularly = More Visitors = Improve Alexa Rank

6. Post Unique and Long Content

To get a good Alexa Rank, your blog/site must popular and your readers must love to read your site. If you post unique and long content, then your reader must love to read your blog. You must help your readers by providing true information that is helpful for your readers. This is another great facts for improving Alexa Rank. Posting content with 1500+ words is good for a better Alexa Rank.

Unique and Long Content = More Traffic = More Returning Visitors = Good Alexa Rank

7. Get Traffic from Search Engines

You must aware to get traffic from search engines to your site or blog. This is another important fact for Alexa Ranking. Your site must have sufficient visitors from search engines. To get huge traffic from search engines, you must make your content and blog search engine optimized (SEO). If your blog gets good traffic from search engines who already use Alexa Toolbar, then there is a big chance to get good Alexa Rank.

8. Post Review about Alexa

Alexa likes that site/blog who writes a review about them and link back to Alexa. So it is also a simple and better way to get a good Alexa Rank. Just write some review about Alexa, its products, toolbar, features and link back from those posts. This will really help to get a good Rank.

9. Take the Advantages of Social Media

We know that, Social Media Marketing (SMM) plays an important role in SEO as well as Alexa Rank. You must share your all of your blog content to social media sites and get huge traffic from social media sites. Decorate your social media profile and use HashTag (#) during sharing links. It will help to improve your blog Alexa rank quickly.

10. Guest Posting

Guest Posting is another great way to increase blog rank quickly. Take the advantages of guest posting and post guest posts to others blog, get more traffic to your blog. It also helps to get quality backlinks to your site.

You can also offer guest posting to others, it helps to update your blog regular basis. It also saves your time and there is a big chance to get huge quality contents from other bloggers.

11. Directory Submission

Submit your blog/site link to high PR directories and it will help to get good Alexa Rank quickly and easily. Submit your blog link with proper and unique descriptions; it will also help to improve your blog SEO score.

12. Blog Commenting

This is another great way to improve your site Alexa Ranking easily within a short period of time. Blog commenting helps to get high quality backlinks as well as there is a big chance to drive huge traffic to your blog.

Generally, blog owner and webmaster use Alexa toolbar and when you comment on their blog, they usually check your blog and it’s a great way to improve your website Alexa Rank.

13. Get Returning Visitor

Returning visitors are playing an important role to get a better Alexa Rank. When people visit your site regularly, it means that your site contains valuable information for them and it will help to improve Alexa Rank.

14. Crate Alexa Category/Tags on Your Blog

As I said before, you can write some awesome post about Alexa and its different features. Then you can create a Category or Tag named Alexa and post regular basis (One post per Month) for this category or tag. This will definitely help to get a better Rank for your blog.

15. Blog/RSS Directory Submission

Submit your blog to blog and RSS directories; this will help to index your blog quickly and easily. This is one of the best ways to get good traffic to your blog as well as it also helps to increase your site backlinks.

It’s Your Time

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