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Affiliate marketing has always been one of the effective ways to make money online. Once you get accustomed to it, you will figure out there are multiple revenue models you need to follow. Cost Per Acquisition aka CPA is a method which allows you to get paid when your visitor does an action specified by the advertiser.

In the recent time, CPA marketing has grown rapidly as many marketers decided to grow into it via search, social or paid traffic generation. You should know that the ROI (or the ratio of expenditure to the earnings) is more than what you think when it comes to CPA marketing. Of course, you can find many CPA networks on the web to get yourself out there into the grazing field. Nonetheless, I recommend you not to jump into anything without proper understanding. Today, I am going to introduce a well known CPA network which getting very popular among affiliate marketers – admitad.

admitad CPA Network

Something about admitad CPA Network

Launched in 2010, admitad is a fast growing CPA network that works with 1300+ widely recognized brands and more than 540,000 publishers. admitad headquartered in Heilbronn, Germany. May be, you would surprised to see they have collaborations with industry leading enterprise such as AliExpress, Citibank, Adidas, Nike, eBay, etc. The company boasts about 7 offices around the globe. We can expect a few more to go live within next few months.So, I don’t think, one can doubt about the reputation of admitad here. They have been serving the customers ever since 2010 and we all know an unreliable company can never run this long.

If you are a publisher, looking forward to making money from CPA marketing, you can check out the features of admitad given below. Once you get all of them, you must compare it with any other network, so that it will assist you in taking the best decision.

Why You Should Choose admitad?

An Easy-to-Use Interface

For a beginner in any field, a website with jargon feels like hell. You might had such experience with few websites earlier. Some other sites keep the options beyond our reach and make it literally difficult to access what we want. On the contrary to those menaces, admitad comprises of an easy-to-use interface. You can go through a straightforward signup process and start working with the offers they bring to the table.

Availability of Offers from Various Categories

CPA is not the game of a single category and marketers work on different niches to dig maximum profit as well. I have seen marketers opting for multiple networks simply because they can’t find a vertical they want.

admitad has offers from various categories and chances are less you choose another network. There are some popular categories of advertisers in which you can find regular categories. E-commerce, mobile, and online games are three of such categories in which you will never run out of campaigns. Need a full list of topics covered by admitad? You can use this link.

Personalized Network with Creative Support

As I told already, the signing up is not a hustle and you can get it over with in a few minutes. Each client gets a personal account manager to get you notified with the spending and earning. Even when you are clueless about a deduction or any monetization matter, you can contact them and clear it right away.

It’s not a secret that a new platform remains strange at least for the first time. admitad assigns a personal mentor to their customers right after the sign up to make us comfortable with their network. You can get their insights about the converting niches, traffic details and anything you want to know about the platform.

The support ticket doesn’t even take an hour to receive response. Most of the times, they respond to every query within few minutrs. The best thing about admitad is the availability of support in your native language.

You can even discuss your strengths, weakness and common mistakes people make while using admitad with a team of internet marketing professionals. Of course, it will help you maximize your earning.

Weekly Payments and Multiple Methods

Payment is the crucial part in CPA marketing that the publishers always look forward to. For making the process easier for the marketers, admitad follows a weekly payment pattern. Once you cross the threshold of $10, you can request them to send you the money.

Most Interesting (Fast Payment Turnaround)

Recently, admitad started allowing as fast payment turnaround for their publishers. Under this new payment scheme, Publishers will paid for the validated transactions even before the admitad get paid from the advertisers. In very simple words, once you are approved as publishers and did some validated sales then you need not to wait for your payment until admitad get paid from the advertisers. In general, major CPA networks don’t allows publishers to receive their payment until advertisers confirm. But keeping in mind publishers interest, admitad took this step to ensure affiliate marketers can dual their income without any hassles.

Apart from these, admitad have multiple modes of payment including PayPal, wire transfer, and e-payments. They even support major regional currencies. It’s you who trigger the payment or you can set a limit as well. Given the small threshold and more frequent payment model, you will find it inspiring to work on admitad verticals as money is the biggest motivation for affiliate marketers.

Detailed Statistics

Affiliate marketing is all about statistics and alone CPA requires transparent analytics. In case, if you doing manually you need to calculate the conversion rate, cost per acquisition, commission generated etc.. and its not an easy task for any affiliate marketers to take care of such extra headache.

So, admitad CPA network always provides a transparent and detailed reports on how well your campaigns perform. You can add a subID to your links for making the tracking easy and distinguishable.

For reference, you can export the reports to XLS or XML format. Some major affiliate marketers use their own platform to track the progress of all the networks at one place. If you are such a marketer, you can grab their API and embed the data on your tool.

Additional Tools

admitad is not just another CPA network with limited options, but a full-fledged platform with the capability to make you eligible to make money efficiently. They have multiple technologies like anti-fraud monitoring, deep linking, fingerprint tracking etc. Whenever you need to share your admitad account with a publisher, you can use the guest account feature.

admitad CPA Network

How To Join admitad CPA Network?

I’m sure, after reading above benefits, you might interested to know how you can sign up as publisher and start making money. Yes, below I am going to share you the easiest steps to create your account within 30 seconds.

First, you need to go on publisher sign up page and fill all the required credentials as asked in all 3 steps such as

  • Account information
  • Website through which you going to promote
  • Validate your sign up confirmation via e-mail.

admitad CPA Network

Second, As soon you finish the registration you need to verify your blog by placing a meta tag between <head> and </head> in main page of your website.

Yeah, you successfully become the admitad publisher. Now, you need to select your CPA program according to your needs and start promoting to make some handsome money.

Wrapping Up

Yeah, this is all about CPA marketing and how it is one of the most profitable mean to make some good money online. If you looking for any good CPA affiliate network that allows regular offers, proper support and fast payment mode then admitad seems a good option.

I think, the big advertiser offers, fast payment mode and personal mentor are those which impressed me. So, if you looking to start your CPA affiliate with admitad then go ahead and signup from here.

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