How to Make Money with Google AdSense | Step by Step Guide

Want to make money with Google AdSense? But have no idea where to start and how to make money with AdSense? Not only you, almost all bloggers and webmasters have a dream to earn some money from their blog/website through Google AdSense.

In 2011, I saw some information in a blog to make money online with Google AdSense and start searching how can I? After that in 2012, I started blogging with the passion to make some money from AdSense but I failed because of proper guidelines. I tried several times with my several blogs, but every time I got banned from Google AdSense 🙁 How to Make Money With Google AdSense - Step by Step Guide

In 2013, I changed my mind and start Affiliate Marketing and got little bit success in 2014. I continued my affiliate marketing with my several niche blogs and now earned $$$ in every month from various affiliate marketplaces.

In 2015, I’m again searching for proper guidelines to make money with AdSense and finally start making money. Here is the screenshot of this month with AdSense earnings from one of my blog. 🙂My Google AdSense Earning

Actually, it is not a hard job to make money with AdSense, if you follow some proper guidelines. So in this post, I’ll try my best to provide a detailed guidelines on How to Make Money with Google AdSense.

What is Google AdSense?

Google AdSense is one of the most popular and effective ways to monetize a blog/website traffic to make money easily.

According to Wikipedia, “Google AdSense is a program run by Google that allows publishers in the Google Network of content sites to serve automatic text, image, video, or interactive media advertisements, that are targeted to site content and audience.”

Google earns a large amount of their revenue from their advertising program. They let other website owners to advertise on Google Search Result Pages and other website under Google AdSense Network. Everything about advertisement Google manage through a program named Google AdWords.

So when other website owners advertise their product/service through Google AdWords, Google displays those ads on your blog/site and you will get a particular amount revenue. Generally, Google shares 68% advertising fee with their publishers.

How Does AdSense Works?

It is really simple. You need to get approved as a Google AdSense publisher. When you show ads on your blog/website, you will get a percentage of advertising fee from Google.

How Much You can earn from Google AdSense?

Actually, it is not possible to tell you how much you can earn from Google AdSense. It depends on several factors like your blog topic/niche, content, traffic, traffic source etc. Roughly, you will get 1 cent to $20 per click depends on ads.

On average, if you get $1 per click, then it is not bad right? Anyway, I’ll provide you some tips to increase your AdSense earnings in the How to Increase Your Google AdSense Earnings section.

How to Create a Blog for Google AdSense?

At first, you need to create a blog/website on a topic that you know plenty about and write huge content for your blog/site. Try to select a topic/niche that comes with High CPC. To see CPC of a topic/niche, you can take help of Google AdWords Keyword Planner Tool for free.

You need to remember one thing that, the more content your blog have, there is a big chance to get more commission from AdSense. But now-a-days, most of the newbie blogger select a topic/niche with high CPC but fail to generate and publish good amount of content on their blog. This is one of the biggest mistake that can ruin your dream to make money with AdSense.

To create a blog, you need to get your own domain. You can buy a domain from Godaddy or Namecheap. And then buy a Hosting Package from A2Hosting or Hostgaor.

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Start building your own blog with WordPress because it’s really easy to build a blog/website with WordPress without knowing any single coding language.

Go for a Premium WordPress Blog Theme to build a professional blog that can easily attract visitor’s attention. You can buy a Premium WordPress Theme from MyThemeShop, ElegantThemes or Themeforest.

Recommended: MyThemeShop Coupon Code | Get 50% Discount on Any MyThemeShop Theme or Plugin.

For more details and step by step guidelines to create a professional blog with WordPress, you can check this post, this post and this post also.

What You Need to do to get approved for AdSense?

Okey, Now you are ready to apply for AdSense. But, before applying for Google AdSense, you must consider some facts and follow Google AdSense Guidelines to get approved.

Here are some few things you must consider before applying for AdSense.

  • Take your own domain and hosting
  • Domain age should be at least 3-4 months
  • User friendly blog design and navigation
  • Create a privacy policy/disclaimer, about and contact page
  • Publish minimum 20-30 content with 700+ words
  • Publish only unique, fresh and helpful content
  • Get minimum 100 search traffic per day
  • Remove other ads network

You can get more details here about these things and you must be aware about these before applying for Google AdSense.

How to Apply for Google AdSense?

Once your blog gets ready for AdSense, go to this link and click on “Get Started Now”Google AdSense Homepage

Now, if you want to sign up with your own old Google account, then click on “Yes, Processed to Google Account Sign in” or if you want to create a new Google Account, then click on “No, Create a New Google Account”Apply for Google AdSense - 1st Step

As it is a good idea to use a new and fresh Google Account for AdSense, so I’m going with “No, Create a New Google Account”

Here, you will need to provide detailed information to create a New Google Account and then click on Next Step.Create a new Google Account for AdSense

In this step, you need to provide your website/blog information. You will ask for your website address where you want to show ads and your website/blog language. And then click on Continue.

This is Final Step. In this step, you will need to provide contact information, including your country, time zone, account type, Payee Name, street address, city/town and phone number. Provide all information meticulously to avoid get rejected. You must care about Payee Name, Address and phone number.Apply for AdSense - Final Step

To cash your AdSense check, your Payee Name must match with your Bank Account Name. To get verified with a PIN number, you must provide a correct street address to get the PIN number easily.

Why are You Not Making Enough Money from AdSense?

As I said before, make money from AdSense depends on several factors. You must be careful about some issues which are the main reason for low AdSense earnings. Some reasons for low AdSense earnings as follows.

  • Not enough posts on your blog/website
  • Not getting enough search traffic
  • Your contents are not helpful for readers
  • Low paying niche/topic
  • Not displaying relevant ads
  • You are not updating blog frequently
  • Not using the proper ad size/ad unit
  • Not using both text and image/rich media ads

How to Increase Your Google AdSense Earnings?

So, want to increase your Google AdSense Earnings? Yes, it’s possible by utilizing some proper tips and tricks. Do you know? I got success to increase my AdSense Earnings up to 194% in 28 days (See the screenshot at the top). Do you want to know how? Here are some tricks I’m following to increase my AdSense earnings. Let’s check and increase your earnings too.

  • Clean blog design and user friendly navigation
  • I start using a premium and AdSense optimized WordPress theme
  • Publish fresh and unique content on my blog that can solve my readers problem
  • Using large size ad unit (728*90, 300*600 and 336*280)
  • Insert ads after post title and middle of the post using Official Google AdSense Publisher Plugin for WordPress
  • Using both text and rich/media ads
  • Drive more search traffic to my blog
  • Using AdSense for Search
  • Block low paying ads channel

So, here are a few tricks I’m following and you can also follow. To get more details about this trick, you can read my post How to triple your AdSense Earnings in 30 Days.

Getting Banned from AdSense?

As I said before, I got banned from AdSense in 3 times. 2 times got banned because of “fraudulent or potential fraudulent click activity” and one time got banned because I customized the ad unit size. Yes, I don’t know that, customizing ad size is not compatible with the Google AdSense Policy.

So, how can you protect your AdSense account from getting banned?

  • Monitor your ads click through Statcounter and track fraudulent clicks activity with their IP
  • Report on Google instantly using this link if you see any fraudulent click activity on your Ads
  • You can’t click on your own ads
  • Avoid rewritten, spun and duplicate content
  • Don’t use more than one AdSense account at a time
  • Don’t use ads on blank page
  • Don’t customize ads size
  • Never buy paid traffic

Advantages of Google AdSense

  • Get maximum revenue from your blog
  • Use multiple and responsive size ad unit
  • One account for multiple blog/site
  • Easy to use for newbie to advanced users
  • Available learning resource to increase your earnings
  • Free to join
  • Receive payment through check or bank transfer


  • Minimum payout $100
  • No chance to recover a banned account
  • May reduce site loading time
  • Distracting from the website’s actual content
  • Click fraud risk

Scale Your Business with Amazon Affiliate

Building an Adsense site is not always easy. You need to put a lot of hard work. Once your site is built doesn’t mean you only can make money from Google advertising program. You can also monetize your traffic with Affiliate programs like Amazon.

How to decide when to use affiliate links?

Well, for me, I choose to include affiliate link whenever I see a lot of traffic from US, and the particular site is about any product, or solution that requires buying a physical product. Marketever has step by step guide on making money from Amazon.

You can also work with some other affiliate networks like ClickBank, JVZoo and Maxbounty.

Have a Question?

So, these are my overall step by step guide on How to Make Money with Google AdSense. If I missed to include any important point in this list, please let me know by commenting below. And also, if you have any question, you can also ask me here. I’ll try my best to reply your question with the best answer.

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