10 Proven Tricks to Speed up Your WordPress Website

Imagine, you have a gorgeous website or blog. You have a lot of informative content and a lot of traffic too. You want your users to visit your website, subscribe to the email newsletters, access more and more pages and keep themselves engaged with it. But most of your visitors leave your website because it takes too long to load. That is something you should pay attention on at your first convenience.

A slow loading speed can cause to a myriad of technical issues with your website that directly and indirectly affect your SEO, user experience and the revenue of your website.Proven Tricks to Speed up Your WordPress Website

Before we dive into the solutions which will help us to optimize the WordPress website speed, I would like to drive your attention to the major problems you could have if your website loading speed is slow.

Higher Bounce Rate:

The first impression is the last impression. When a visitor finds your website loading slow, he hardly tries to use navigate to the other pages. Even he feels risky while clicking the internal link he found in your posts. This is the point your bounce rate increases. Other than boring content, website loading speed is one of the major reasons behind the high bounce rate in Google Analytics.

Weird User Experience:

User Experience counts a lot. Especially when you are running an eCommerce website. 85% of online buyers prefer to purchase their products from a website they feel easy to access. Visitors who find your eCommerce website slow are less likely to place their orders.

Less AdSense Revenue:

AdSense revenue is totally depends upon the page views. Your AdSense income can be affected if your website takes a long time to load. Because, most of your visitors leave the website without going deep down.

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Google Rankings:

According to Moz’s Google ranking factors of 2015, site speed is one of the major ranking factors that Google takes into account while ranking a website. So the better loading speed your website has the more chances for you to get ranked.

Apart from above four precise impacts, website loading speed can indirectly harm your Google adword campaigns, Facebook marketing and email subscription rates as well.

So the question is what are the best ways to optimize your WordPress website speed? Here I have compiled a list of solutions.

Speed Up a WordPress Website:

As a tech savvy WordPress user, you will find all the described methods easy for you. Below I have suggested some manual and automated ways which will help you to speed up a WordPress website. Let’s get the ball rolling.

1-Avoid Shared Hosting:

Although, shared hosting is a good option for the small corporate websites which does not need a lot of spaces and bandwidth.

You might find a shared hosting on very cheap rates. But there is a reason behind this. Under a shared hosted server, there is a bunch of website running on the same server, IP address and its resources as well. That’s the major reason for websites which hosted on a shared server are more likely to be slow.

If your aim is to publish a lot of content on your website, then don’t even think about running your website on a shared hosting.

However, to keep the budget in mind, some experts recommend shared hosting for small websites.

Pat Flynn from SmartPassiveIncome.com recommends Bluehost and Al-Amin Kabir from Marketever.com recommend SiteGround.

Recommended Hosting by Fakharuddin Manik: A2 Hosting

2-Wordpress Theme:

A WordPress theme is a major element when it comes to visual elements of a website. Selecting a good theme and make your site look good is a bit challenging. Always make sure to keep the following points in mind.

  • Your theme should not contain too much inline Style Sheets.
  • Your theme should not contain too much build-in images. For example: High Resolution Header, sliders and background images. (You can remove those images if there is any option).

Try to keep your theme as simple as you can. This will help you in both, providing your visitors a great user experience and keep your website light as well. Don’t forget to delete all deactivated themes you are not using on your website.

Recommended WordPress Theme: MyThemeShop WordPress Themes | Get Big Discount!

3-Uninstall Unwanted Plugins:

Avoid installing plugin for every tiny purpose. Learn fixing things manually or higher a developer. Having a lot of plugins can be a cause of slow web loading speed. I recommend you to uninstall all deactivated plugins, because they can cause slow bandwidth.

4-Image optimization:

“An image speaks a thousand words”

A high resolution image generally takes time to load. I personally don’t prefer to have lots of images on my blog. But sometimes it becomes important for us to explain something with an image. If you really need to add an image in your post, make sure to keep it small or medium resolution.

High resolution images can make your page load slow. I know a number of WordPress plugins which can help you to optimize images but the one I really like is Wp-Smush.IT. By using this fantastic plugin, you can reduce the image size without losing the quality.

5-Install Lazy Load:

What does Lazy Load do? It’s a WordPress plugin that prevents images to load until they appeared in a user’s browser. When a visitor visits the webpage, only level images will be loaded. An as he starts scrolling down, the rest images will start loading one by one.

This plugin not only helps in speed up the page loading, but it will also save bandwidth by loading less data to a user who does not scroll down the page. This wordpress plugin is compatible with desktop and mobile devices.

6-Browser Caching plugins:

Caching is a finest technique to speed up a WordPress website. What does cache do? In the computer world, cache means a place where temporary files are saved. The purpose of caching plugins is to generate dynamic HTML files in user’s computer. Those files help in reloading the website fast when he revisits your website.

You can find-out a bunch of WordPress caching plugins in store. But I personally prefer W3 Total Cache and WP Super Cache. Both are easy to configure.

7-Optimize Homepage:

Home page is the only page of your website which need to be look good and load quickly as well. This is the most visited page of your website. Your direct visitors always access your homepage first (Because they can’t remember your each landing page or post URL). So it truly necessary for you to keep the homepage’s loading speeds fast. Here a few tips for you.

  • Don’t show a lot of posts on home page. (Keep them 4-5)
  • Avoid using thumbnail images.
  • Avoid keeping unnecessary widgets in the sidebars.
  • Show post excerpts instead of showing full posts.
  • Hire a Good Web Development Company to Optimize Codes

8-Use CDN (Content Delivery Network):

Content Delivery Network aka CDN is the modern technology. CDN is basically a system of distributed server over the world. What CDN does is to deliver the webpage and its content according to the nearest geographic location to a user. Although CDN is nice for you, if you are earning a handsome amount from your blog.

You should find a number of a CDN services by searching on Google.

9-Control the amount of Drafted Guest Posts:

If you are allowing guests to contribute to your blog, then you will probably get hundreds of guest outreach a day. You have to keep them in control and delete all pending articles you don’t want to publish.

I know it’s really time consuming, but you should take care of it once a week. A better option for you is to encourage your users to send their guest post via email.

10-Give them a Reason to wait:

I learned this from Upwork.com. Upwork is a largest freelancing market place. It’s understood that their website could be slow at a few points. So they’ve covered this loading time by showing an informative statement or motivation quote to a user while the page is loading. Isn’t that amazing trick?

So, if you could not implement the above techniques, I will definitely recommend you trying this one. May this plugin will help you.

Don’t hesitate to ask if you have any question in mind. Please share this article if you enjoyed it.



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