Social Locker Review | A Plugin to Boost your Social Presence

Blogging is the ultimate way to show your online presence. When it comes for blogging you need to look after all the essential aspects like SEO-friendly blog, Building niche relevant backlinks, Social network Background, Blog design, load time etc. which plays a prominent role to get succeeded in your blogging career. Social networks are like vitamin tablets which boosts, when your blog feel sick. Social sites stand next to SEO in terms of driving immense traffic. It is necessary to build the solid social presence for the long and successful long-term blog run. Here we have a plugin named Social Locker which enhances your social strength to the next level.Social Locker Review | A Plugin to Boost your Social Presence

Why Social strength needed for successful blog run?

Google rolled out many updates since it launched. Remember Google is just a Rank machine which works on the set of algorithms, if you understand the algorithm that Google considers Ranking then you’ll become the SEO guru like Neil Patel. The Wild animal Google algorithm update named PANDA which impacted the 12% of the Google search results. The reason behind the mentioning the wild panda here is, It also consider the Social background, presence of the blog for deep indexing them in the Search engine for long time. It is not only for deep indexing but also it Trusts the blog which have huge social power. Note that Google Trusted blogs will never ever penalize! ex.WiKipedia. If you closely observer the Social movement of the blogging giants, they use the Social networks as he great alternate for viral traffic. Here is the complete guide to build the rock solid social audience with the Social Locker WordPress plugin.

Why do you need Social Locker WordPress plugin?

Majority of the traffic for the blogs comes from the search engines. But many of the new bloggers use the Social Medias as the rocket launcher to gain the traffic.  As mentioned above Social Medias also helps your blog for deep Indexing in the SERPs. Today our hero is Social Locker from One press Production.  Social Locker plugin helps the Bloggers to get targeted social votes from the readers. Which helps for the great extent for the bloggers who are willing to Build Career out of the Blog? This is a free plugin which has of the Social Giants like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Pinterest. If you are interested to get targeted traffic from Social Sites you should upgrade it for Premium for optimum Benefits.

Features of Social Locker Plugin:

  • Share unlocks helps to build the Rock solid audiencewho have the Interest in your blog niche.
  • It best alternate way to get traffic for blog, when your blog is penalized by the Google algorithm updates.
  • It helps in self-promoting your blog. Hence it in-directly pushes your blog brand.
  • It has inbuilt feature to lock the specific part of the blog posts.
  • User has to click on the like, tweet or share buttons to unlock the content.
  • It enables the cookies and sessions to prevent from the spam social votes.
  • It has 1-week free premium key with each fresh install.
  • In the premium plugins, you will find most out of it.

Download Social Locker free plugin

How to grab Social locker premium free trial?

First and foremost thing log in into your WordPress blog, then plugins> Add new > Search for the “Social locker” (Make sure you install the right plugin by OnePress) install and activate the

Then click on the Social locker and click on the Go premium in the left side of your screen. And click on the activate .to start your free trial of complete 7 days or you can Enter the trial activation key. Go to Social Locker>license manager > Enter this key “48cabca9-b170-4d23-b458-b26dca1e90be “ >click on Submit key. See the screenshot below.

Then the premium trial will activate which is valid for 7 days.

How to lock specific part of the Content?

Locking the specific part of the blog is the easier part of this whole tutorial. Go to the Social locker >all locker. You will see the Short

The Shortcodes are as above the image, Suppose if you are willing to lock your article with Sign-in Locker, you need to copy the first part of the code and paste it to the post where you are interested to lock the specific part paste [ signinlocker ] in the beginning  and paste it in the [ / signinlocker ] in end. Confused see the screenshot below.lock content with social locker

Here I need to lock the specific paragraph. You need add the shortcode in this manner.

After reading all these confused between free and premium read below to get a clear difference between free and premium plugin.

Free v/s Premium Social Locker Plugin

Premium allows you to lock the content with multiple social accounts like Google+, LinkedIn etc. whereas the Free only have Facebook, twitter and Google+.

It has more themes and overlap modes in the premium version, free plugin lack these features.

It has advance options you can use buttons FB Share, follow buttons and G+ share to unlock the Content, where the free version has only FB like and tweet.

Premium plugins has lifetime support and updates. 

Pricing and the final review;

The social locker premium are with two types one with regular license which costs 24$ whereas the Extended license costs 120$ both are valid for lifetime. If you are the regular blogger who runs a single blog go for Regular license, if you are Pro-blogger who runs multiple blogs go for extended License. Which worth!

 Click here to sign-up for the One press Social locker plugin

Upcoming pro-bloggers, if you should win in the race of the blogging according in your niche you should work hard with some smart techniques. If you are working whole day without smart techniques, It is far better to work an hour with Some Smart tricks and tweaks. Take my free advice, if you build the strong Social audience and committee around your blog right now, you will be remembered me once your blog is survived from the social and committee audience. If you ignore this you suffer in the future.

Hope you all like this article; feel free to share with your friends and relatives. A like, tweet and share doesn’t costs you any bucks. So feel free to share and comments below.

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This is a Guest Post Written by Ashik from You can Follow Him on Facebook, Twitter and Google+

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