8 Effective Tips on Creating a Landing Page That Increase Users Sign Ups

A landing page is a great tool that persuades users’ to carry out an action that you want them to perform. When it comes to creating a landing page design it is very important to design something that interests people. If you’re looking for ideas over the web to design a winning landing page that compels users to sign up with your website, then the following key points are worth reading.Effective Tips on Creating a Landing Page

Offer Free Trials to Increase User’s Interests

We easily get attracted to ‘ad banners’ presenting hard-to-resist schemes, or often land upon well-written blog posts that are free to read. In a nutshell, we usually end up diving deep into things that not only look enticing to us, but also seems profitable in some or the other way. So, one best way to convince your users to sign up with your website requires you to offer free trials.

Provide Fresh and Quality Content

Building your users’ trust in your brand can encourage them to sign up with your site. And providing unique and high-quality content is a good way to inspire trust. It’s not important to over-board your website with too much information that overwhelms your visitors, but it doesn’t mean that you should not consider adding good content – on the contrary, you should provide your visitors with fresh and relevant content based on users’ interests.

Have a Crisp Design

Your landing page design plays a critical role in driving user’s attention towards your site. This is simply because the design is the first thing that users notice when visiting your site, and with a dozen of beautiful landing pages available online, you need to create a design that inspires users’ not only to visit your website but also sign-up with it. For this purpose, it’s imperative for you to create a flawless design that instantly provide answers to visitors’ questions.

Clear Call-to-actions

Call to actions are one of the most effective tools to bring user’s attention to exactly where you want. The best way to have a call-to-actions in your landing page design are in the form of clickable buttons – that perform some action when they’re being clicked (e.g. “Buy Now”, “Learn More”, etc.). Also, you can add use call-to-actions as the headline text or button text.

Clear and Succinct Headlines

Main headline or sub-heading are the first things that a visitor will read on your site, and so your headlines should not distract or confuse a visitor, but instead encourage them to look further into your site. Make sure to write concise headlines that are easy to understand and conveys your message to the visitors. When a user reads a headline on your landing page they must know what they need to do next, and thus make sure that the headline highlights the specific point related to your website content that catch a users’ attention easily. Simply put, your headlines must have a clear value proposition that increases user’s interests.

Make Sure Your Landing Page is Uncluttered

When we stumble upon a landing page, perhaps one running an ad campaign with just a single button proclaiming “Click Me”?; we can’t resist and click on the button. A landing page must provide the required information – until it is relevant for users. Also, you should avoid presenting too much information as it can prove distracting for the visitor. So, make sure that the information provided to your site’s visitors is to the point and interest your audience.

Add Quality Images

Adding high-quality images in your landing page make it look more appealing and help provide a better user experience and, more importantly, give a boost to the landing page content. Besides, it is being said that people respond more to images than plain text. However, it is important to add eye-catching images that easily grab a user’s attention.

Effective Web Copy

Most of the site owners often pay a lot of attention on adding quality text into their website. However, in order to solicit an action from the site visitor, you need to write an effective web copy. You don’t need to become an expert in order to generate an effective copywriter, and can rather create one by following below listed points:

  • Conduct a research to figure out the exact need of your customers.
  • Analyze your competition.
  • Take inspiration from landing pages with good web copy.

Let’s Wrap Up!

Do you want your site visitors’ to sign up with your website (be it signing up for your RSS Feeds, or newsletter, etc.)? In that case, building a good-looking landing page with clear and concise headers, high-quality and succinct content and strong call to actions can entice users’ to take an action as you like. To help you out in designing a successful landing page, we’ve compiled a list of 8 effective tips for creating a landing page design that can inspire users to sign up with your site.

Author Bio – This is a Guest Post by Mike swan who is professional WordPress developer and helps users in converting PSD to WordPress theme services. He loves to share his experiences in web

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