10 Best and Worst Habits of New Blogger

As a new blogger, you need to learn a lot of things about blogging to get success in blogging industry. Most of the new bloggers don’t know what is good and what is bad for their blogging career. They spent a lot of times in blogging, but there is no success, on the other hand, some new blogger spent fewer times according to a proper guideline. And they got success within a short period of time. You need to make some best habits and avoid some worst habits to get success in this industry. So I’m going to share 10 Best and Worst Habits of New Blogger.habits of new bloggers

Best and Worst Habits of New Blogger

Best | Loves to Read

When you are a newly arrived in blogging profession, you need to know A to Z about blogging. You have to learn everything which is related to blogging. So you must love to read because reading is one of the best ways to learn something. Peoples, who experts and successful in blogging always loves to reading to want to know something new from others. You must read other blogs about SEO, Blogging, WordPress, Content Writing & Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Technology, Make Money Online and much more about blogging industry.Loves to Read

Worst | Checking Your Blog States and Alexa Ranking every day, every time

You may also be startled that when you know that blog states and Alexa rank checking is a bad habit of a new blogger. But this is really true and you must avoid this habit to be a successful blogger. You may check your blog stats every day, every time and you are frustrated when you see that there is only few visitors visit your blog today. It creates a negative effect on your mind and you may be disappointed about blogging. It also wastes your valuable times.

You may also check your blog Alexa rank every time because you know that Alexa Rank in one of the important fact to be a popular and successful blog. So when you see that there is no improvement of your Blog Alexa rank, you may also hurt and frustrated. So it is better to check your blog stats and Alexa rank once per day.

Best | Work with a Proper Plan

Making plan for blogging

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Successful people always do their work with a proper plan so that they will be a successful person easily and quickly. As a new blogger, you must do your work with a proper plan. You must create a plan before doing your job. Without a proper plan, you may not able to be a successful blogger in a right way and within a short period of time. So discuss with successful bloggers and try to follow their strategy and make your own plan to work.

Worst | Blogging for the Intention of Blogging

As I said before, blogging without a proper plan is not a sign of an effective and successful blogger. It means that you just waste your time and you are just blogging for the intention of blogging. You must make a plan for whole blogging process, even you must make a plan before writing a single post and you have to know what your readers love to read and want to see on your blog.

Best | Respect and Promote Others Blog

If you respect and promote others blog, then it bears the sign of your success. Give respect and take respect. Successful bloggers like to respect others bloggers and they share others blog post to their Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus profile and page. It also helps to create community with others and they must help you when you need any kind help for blogging.

Worst | Selfishness

Selfishness is not good for the people who want to do something and be popular. You must help others by sharing your knowledge and experience if someone asks you. When people find you as helpful and cordial, they will also honor you.

Best | Comments to Others Blog

Commenting on others blog helps you in several ways. When you follow others blog and comments their regularly, then it will help you to learn something new every day. They will consider you as loyal readers and must respond to you when you knock them. It will also help to create backlinks for your blog to get good result in search engine result pages as well as good SEO result.

Worst | Do not Reply to Comments

As a blogger, you must reply when people comments on your blog post. This will helps to make a strong community as well as get huge return visitors. Generally, people comments on your blog when they like your post read your post regularly and also they will share their opinion about your blog post. You must appreciate people when they cry up your post. When they ask about some point of your blog, you must reply them with a detailed explanation.

Best | Create Network with Bloggers

creating community with bloggersYou will not get success in blogging industry until you are not ready to create a network with others successful bloggers as well as new bloggers. Creating network will help to learn new things from other people, which is most important for blogging. Try to collect other bloggers Facebook ID, E-mail ID, Twitter ID or Google plus ID and connect with them. Try to communicate with them regularly and make friendly relation. Ask them when you face any problem. Do not be disappointed when they are late reply because they are always busy.

Worst | Not Giving Credit to Others

New bloggers usually get ideas from others blog when they write posts for their blog. This is not a bad idea because as a new blogger, you may need to take an idea from others, but when you take an idea or copy some portion of text from others blog you must give them credits. Just mention their blog name or owner name or refer their blog link as the source of the information. It will help to make good relation with those bloggers as well as your visitor also gives you priority.

Best | Admit Own Mistake

Successful bloggers always like to admit their mistake and correct it or give detailed explanation when someone asks about their mistake.

It is important, what you react is when people say something about your mistake. You must reply them cordially. When you reply them in a proper way, they will be happy and there is a big chance to get a new fan as well as a loyal reader for your blog.common blogging mistakes

Worst | Irregular Posting

Irregular posting on your blog is one of the big obstacles to be a successful blogger. When you post on your blog irregularly, your blog will lose returning visitors as well as people think you are not an active blogger.

This is one of the common mistake and worst habit of a new blogger, which is the main disincentive for their success. So try to post regularly, if you want to give your readers informative, valuable as well as long posts, then try to post twice or three times in a week.

Best | Loves to Write

Loves to write is not a common habit of new blogger and this is very unlikely. So when blogging is your passion, you must love to write and make habit to write regularly.

writing habits of bloggers

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You have to write for your own blog as well as others. Writing for others blog (Guest Posting) helps to share your knowledge and experience with others quickly and easily. There is a big chance to get huge visitors when you write a valuable and informative post and publish it on others blog which is already popular. You may also ask to blog owners for backlinks which helps in SEO.

Worst | Post without a Plan

It is not easy to get success when you have done any job without a plan. New bloggers usually post on their blog without a plan that means without keyword research or without knowing their readers. So you must know or ask your readers what they like to read and must do a proper keyword research if you want to get good traffic to the post.

Best | Encourage Others Blogger for Guest Post

Successful bloggers always encourage others blogger for Guest Posting. This will help them to create a strong community as well as save their time. When people want to write and publish it on your blog, then you don’t need to write huge for your own blog. It also helps to get huge visitors.

Worst | Not Focused on SEO

When you haven’t focused on SEO for your blog, then you will miss huge visitors from search engines. Writing and publishing a long post on your blog is not only a good way to get more traffic from search engines.

You must focus on SEO. Make some keywords research before writing every single post on your blog. You must aware about search engine optimized content so that your content will easily get a good position on search engine result pages.

Create some awesome backlinks for your blog by social bookmarking, forum posting, guest posting, commenting on others similar blog.

Best | Share Success Story

You must share your success story with your readers. This will help you to make you popular on the web because people always like to read others success story. It will help them to be a successful person by following your strategy.

Every successful bloggers like to share their success story through their blog. They share strategies so that people follow it and if there is anything wrong on they will correct it by others suggestion.

Worst | Do not Use Image and Video on Post

People do not like to read a long post without some images or video. They must want to see some related images and videos on your post. This will also help to share your content on Social Media and Social Networking Sites through your readers.

Best | Use Social Media for Blogging

We know that Social Media plays a vital role in SEO and one of the most important sources of visitors. As a new blogger, you must use social media sites for blogging purpose, not for only personal use. Create a strong network with others blogger through social media sites and communicate with them regularly. Share your every blog post link on social media sites so that people easily find your blog.

Optimize your social media profile and pages in a right way. Share content with unique description and use HashTag (#) which helps to get good result in the SERP.

Worst | Low Quality Content

Writing and publishing low quality content on your blog is lead to be unsuccessful in blogging industry. People always find and like to read a post which contain valuable information for them. So you need to provide proper information with the source through your content.

Content must be well structured and search engine optimized. Well structured content helps to read and share your content, although there is some lacking of information. Content must be 1500-2000 in words.

To be a successful blogger, you must follow others successful person, their strategy as well as make your own plan and strategy. You must avoid your worst habits and make better habits to achieve your goal.

Have I missed to include any best habits that are important for a new blogger? Please let me know by commenting below.

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