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If you are a professional blogger, you may owner of multiple blog/website and manage them regularly. But it is really not easy to manage multiple blog because you are not only publishing new content on your blog; you also need to finish several tasks on a regular basis. So if you build, run and maintain your blog/site with WordPress CMS then there is a best solution available for you. You can handle all of your WordPress Sites/blogs from a single dashboard.

Let me introduce with ManageWP which is designed and developed by Vladimir. With the help of ManageWP, you can easily handle all of your WP sites from a single dashboard easily and can save huge time. This is an awesome WP Tool which I have been using for the last 6 months to manage my several WordPress blogs. The tool comes with user friendly interface and easy to use feature. So anyone can use this tool to manage his/her multiple WordPress blogs.

Why You Should Use ManageWP to Handle Multiple WP Blogs?

Manage All of Your WordPress Blogs

As I said before, managing multiple WordPress blogs is not really easy because we need to perform several tasks regularly. So you need to find a better solution which will help you to manage all of your blog easily which also help to save your time. With the help of One-Click Access feature of ManageWP, you just need to login your Dashboard and select the blog which you want to manage.

Manage everything of your blog including theme, plugins and posts with ManageWP. You can easily update theme or plugin of any blog with the WP tool. Just update everything of your blog with a single click.

Optimize Multiple WP Blogs

SEO is one of the most important facts for a blog as we know that it help to rank a blog better in search engine results pages. You may spend lots of money for on-page SEO to rank your blog better in SERPs. But an SEO tool can help you to identify and solve on-page SEO related problem on your blog. The ManageWP comes with a powerful analytic tool for SEO.

Keyword research is an important part of SEO to rank your targeted keyword. The tool comes with a built-in keyword research tool which will help you to find the perfect keywords which you can easily rank higher in SERPs. The integrated Google Analytics feature also helps to check your blog performance regularly easily. This will help to improve your site ranking easily.

Monitor Your Blog Regularly

As a professional blogger, you must ensure that your blog runs 24 hours in a day, 7 days in a week and 365 days in year run smoothly. The built-in uptime monitor feature of this tool will help you to ensure your blog is live or not. You will get instant notification if your blog goes offline.

The instant notification feature also lets you know when new update available for your blog theme or plugins. You will also get notification when your blog gets backlink from a new source. This will help you to identify spam links and keep your blog safe from spam.

Take your Blog Backup Regularly

Your blog is most expensive resources for you, so you must take care of it. You must take your blog backup regularly to avoid any accidental loss. You may use a WP Plugin to perform the act that may be costly or slow your blog. With the help of ManageWP tool, you can easily take back up all of your blog manually. You can also set automated schedule which will help to take your blog back up regularly. Take your blog backup directly to Dropbox, Google Drive, and Amazon S3, FTP or email.

Publish Posts from a Single Dashboard

Content management is another difficult task for a blogger and it’s can waste your time if you’re not able to maintain it properly. Write and publish content any blog easily from ManageWP dashboard. Just pick the site where you want to publish. There is also bulk posting feature available with this tool which allows posting a single content on multiple blogs at a time.

Secure your WP Blog with ManageWP

As your blog is most valuable asset for you, you should take care of your blog. If you are not concerned about your blog security, then your blog may affect through virus, malware or hacking attempts. The ManageWP comes with built-in security features which will help to secure your blog from hacking attempts, virus or malwares. The will ensure that your site is safe from any kind virus or malwares. ManageWP also comes with Two-factor Authentication feature which will keep your blog admin area from unwanted login attempts or hacking attempts.

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You can use ManageWP for free if you want to manage less than 5 WordPress blog/sites from a single dashboard. But all features are not available with the free version. So if you want to handle all of your WP blogs in a better way you can choose the Standard Package which is perfect for individual bloggers. Or if you are the owner of a small business and run several blogs, then you can choose the Professional Package. There is also a Business Package available for medium to large size business owners or companies.ManageWP Review

What People Say About ManageWP

ManageWP Customer Reviews

Final Thought

If you’re a professional blogger and owner of several WP blogs, then it will not be a good idea to use ManageWP for free. You can choose the Standard or Professional Package to handle your multiple WordPress Blogs from a single dashboard, secure and update them easily.

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