Get to Know about Web Hosting and SEO

Every webmaster creates a website with desire to get it found. Though the goal is hard to reach, SEO could be one of easiest ways. Effective SEO could help your website popular on the web and receive lots of subscribers. Moreover, if you start effective SEO from scratch since you bought web hosting, your site could get successful earlier.

In below, we would like to show you what it is SEO. Then we will explain what a SEO-friendly web hosting looks like so that you could select a web hosting that helps you on SEO. You could also visit HostUCan to find out what users talks about your selected SEO-friendly web hosting.Get to Know about Web Hosting and SEO


SEO, the full name is Search Engine Optimization, refers to a combination of web technologies working together on search engine ranks. Some common SEO methods are keywords optimization, internal links optimization, link exchange, content optimization, etc. In general, multiple SEO methods work at once. More effective SEO, higher ranks on search engines you will get.

Here we take Google as an example. If you do SEO just meeting algorithms of Google, Google would think your site is reliable and popular. Then it would rank your site high when visitors search certain keywords related to your niche. Thereby, you would get more visitors from Google to grow deals, be your loyal subscribers, or get whatever you plan.

You might think of SEO as a hassle. However, you have to do it. If you are short of money, you have to do it yourself right from registering your domain. However, while your site grows, you need to employ a SEO manager who could improve the rank much higher.

SEO-Friendly Web Hosting

Web hosting with SEO features can help you easily start SEO work at the very beginning. So, what does an SEO-friendly web hosting look like? Check out the following 4 features. If your web hosting has them, then it is SEO-friendly.

Google Ads/Bing Ads/Yahoo! Ads Bonus

Many web hosting providers design their web hosting with Google/Bing/Yahoo! Ads bonus so that customers can show their ads on the 3 popular search engines. There is no doubt that the ads will reach new customers and grow websites. But different web hosts offer different amounts of bonus. Some provide $50 while some offer $100.

CMS-friendly Web Hosting

Supposed that you plan to setup a blog or a site not complicated, you need a CMS-friendly web hosting solution, which is good for SEO.

CMS, content management system, helps you build website easily. Take special attention on WordPress, one popular CMS. WordPress is beneficial not only to fast build beautiful websites, but also to SEO work. You can install SEO plugins to make SEO work easy. WordPress is an open source CMS with a large number of users, who are taking good advantage of it, but at the same time, is perfecting it by writing powerful plugins, themes, etc. So, if your web hosting is compatible with WordPress, you have a good start with SEO.

Free SEO Service

Some web hosting solutions come with free SEO service for the first 3 months or others. Though you need to pay for the host several months later, you could save budgets. Especially if you are short of money, you could do SEO at no costs from the very birth of your website. What’s more, after you experience the free SEO service, you would know whether it is good enough for your site. So, when the expiry of free SEO service comes, you can decide whether to go or not. Even if you decide to go on, your host knows your website and SEO better, you would lose nothing but go better.

SEO Support

It is rare that your web host supports you on SEO. But as it might provide you with free SEO services, it could support you! Even the support lasts for several months. Or your host has good technical skills on SEO and it is willing to giving SEO support, you would get it too. So, do not forget to consult SEO support when your purchase web hosting.

At last, we still want to suggest that you can do SEO right from purchasing web hosting. Earlier start brings more SEO experience, deeper understanding and better results. To know more about SEO strategies, you can check out

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