10 Ways to Build High Quality Backlinks to Get High Page Rank and Traffic

Every webmaster familiar with the word Backlinks and this is one of the important terms of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). If you are familiar with the term Backlinks then you also know about High Quality Backlink and every webmaster try to build high quality Backlinks for their blog/website to get High Page Rank as well as High Traffic from search engine. As Backlink is one of the major facts of SEO and search engine change their algorithms randomly that’s why it’s not so easy to control Backlinks and build quality Backlinks.

So what is Quality Backlink and how identifies quality Backlink? There are a lot of definition and quote about Quality Backlink you can find in different blog and website. But here I want to define high quality Backlink simply as

  • A Backlink which comes from a high page rank website or blog
  • From a high authority domain and not a paid link
  • From a site/blog which content similar to your site/blog
  • From the blog which has high traffic and send traffic to your blog/site
  • Backlink from content
  • A do follow Backlink and it’s should not reciprocal


So here are the 10 ways to build high quality Backlinks to get High Page Rank as well as High Traffic from search engine.

1. Blog Commenting to Similar Site/Blog

Blog commenting is one of the powerful ways to make quality backlinks for your blog and website. This is one of the easy ways to get backlink and any webmaster can do it easily. Comments on others blog not only helps to get quality backlink but also helps to know more about the present situation of anything, just like you are a blogger and you need to know what’s going on about blogging. If you read others similar blog then you can know it. If you comment on a blog that have high page rank and high traffic from a search engine then your blog also gets good traffic from that blog.

Follow some tips when you comment on others blog

  • Blog owner always wants blog comment with value and suggestion. Never comment on others blog with some silly words like ‘thanks for good post’, ‘great article’ etc.
  • Only comment on similar blog with high page rank and high traffic.

Forum Posting

Yes! This is also one of the easiest and best ways to build high quality backlink. Make a list of High Page Rank forum with high traffic and you have to remember that, those forums content should be related to your blog/site. Participate those forums regularly and try to share what you know and get idea about new things. Forum participation not only helps to get backlink but also helps to create a good relationship with others similar type people.

Forum posting tips to follow

  • Do not reply with a few words or irrelevant words
  • Do not spam with too many links in a single post or reply or breaking any law of the forum
  • Try to regularly in the forum
  • Create an attractive profile in the forum with all information and image (if possible)

Article Submission

Article submission like as guest posting and it’s not so easy for many bloggers because of patience, time and experience. Why I highlight here this 3 points because most of the new bloggers do not know where they can easily submit their article and which article directory submission site easily approve their article. So when they try some time and if not approve they will quit. But you can get a high quality backlink by article submission on similar and high page rank article directory. Don’t be disappointed, just search in Google and you will find a lot of Article Directory site list.

Guest Posting

Oh! Guest Posting? No, I can’t do this! When I start my blogging journey I’m always afraid about Guest Posting because I used to think that I’m not a good writer as well as others blog owner don’t know me so why they publish my post. Now I realize what a fool I’ve been. Don’t worry about this, just write some unique article with an attractive title and 700-1500 words and ask for your similar blog owners to publish it on their blog. I hope they will publish because now most of the bloggers like to publish a guest post on their blog and you can get a High Quality Backlink from guest posting.

Directory Submission to High Quality Directories

You may think that this is an old idea about building high quality backlink. But in my case still directory submission helps me to get high quality backlink as well as some traffic from some quality directories. When you search for the directory submission site list you will find a lot of directory list but all sites are not good. Submit your site only those directories which has high page rank, high domain authority and related to your blog/site. Remember that when you submit your blog to directories try to provide long descriptions about your blog as possible. This will help people to find your blog easily.

Share Links on Social Media Site

Social media sharing will helps your blog to get a good page rank and if your posts share on any popular social media site by your reader, then you will get huge traffic from social media site as well as search engine. Now-a-days, the search engine gives priority to those posts which are shared in social media site and social networking site at large.

Document Sharing Sites are Great Source

Sharing e-book, pdf file of documents sharing sites is another great way to build high quality backlink. This is another easy way to get quality backlink. Just write an e-book which topic related to your blog and include a backlink on that e-book. It’s not mandatory that your e-book needs a lot of words. Just share your e-book on documents sharing site. The document sharing site is most effective for page rank because most of the sites are trusted by major search engines.

Submit your Blog RSS Feed to RSS Feed Directories

RSS Feed directories as like as Directory site. Just find some awesome RSS Feed directory sites with high page rank, high traffic and similar to your blog. Submit your RSS Feed link to those directories and you will get some awesome backlinks those sites. RSS Directory sites automatically publish your every new post so that there is a chance to get some traffic from RSS directory sites.

Video Marketing

This is another great way to get some quality backlinks from high page rank website. Just create some tutorial video (because tutorial videos are more popular than any other video) which are related to your blog and publish them to YouTube, Vimo, Metacafe etc. Video sharing site with your blog backlink.

Press Releases

May be expensive and not easy for most of the bloggers to build quality backlink by Press Releases but this is another great and most effective way to make quality backlink. Just find some awesome press release site and submit your copy with backlinks.

What do you do?

Now your turn, what do you do to build high quality backlinks for your blog? Just follow above tips and tricks and get high quality backlinks for your blog.

Have I missed any hot topic for creating high quality backlinks? Please comment below and let me know. 😀

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