Top 10 WordPress Plugins for Professional Blog

WordPress is one of the most popular Content Management System (CMS) and increase its popularity day-by-day because of it’s easy of use features for both admin to users. If you run a blog or website with WordPress CMS, then you know how simple it is. But it is really not easy to build, run and maintain a website or blog with WordPress if you don’t know about some important and must have WordPress Plugins.

We always search for top WordPress Plugins to decorate, improve and provide better user experience to our readers. So if you are looking for Top 10 WordPress Plugins to make your WP blog/site more efficient and easy to use for admin and users, then you’re in the right place. Here I’m going to share best and top 10 WordPress Plugins for professional blog to run your blog more effectively and smoothly. Let’s check the list and download these plugins if your blog haven’t this plugins yet.

Top 10 WordPress Plugins

Number#1 | Akismet

As a blogger, you know the importance of comments, but every comment does not contain values. If your blog gets huge traffic then your blog also gets a large amount of comments daily. Most of the comments are spam and contain spam link which is harmful for your blog. So you must monitor blog comments and only approve those comments which contain value and will increase your contain values. If your blog gets huge comments per day, then it is really not easy to monitor and maintain them manually.akismet plugin

The Akismet Plugin will help you to do this. Just download, install and configure this plugin on your WordPress blog or site. It will automatically filter-out spam comments which contain no value or spam link. You can use this plugin for free to protect your WP blog or site from spam comments.

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Number#2 | WordPress SEO by Yoast

A professional blogger knows how important is SEO for his/her blog. You must concern about both on-page and off-page SEO of your blog to rank your blog better in Search Engine Results Pages to drive huge traffic to your blog. Thanks for Yoast to bring the best WordPress SEO Plugin called WordPress SEO by Yoast. This plugin will help to improve your WordPress site/blog SEO score and rank your blog better in SERPs. There are two versions; free and premium available of this plugin. You can use the free version without any hesitation because it comes with everything you need to do for your blog SEO. Just install and configure the plugin perfectly and enjoy blogging.WordPress SEO by Yoast

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Number#3 | Jetpack by

Big thanks to WordPress to bring Jetpack Plugin to make our blogging life easy with WP. This is one of the most popular WordPress plugin which comes with several functions and features to run and maintain a WordPress blog or site easily. This plugin will help to increase user experience for both admin to users.Jetpack

Key Features of Jetpack Plugin

  • Customize your WordPress blog with Jetpack including custom CSS, sidebar widget, built-in contact form, infinite scroll and much more
  • Make your site mobile friendly with Jetpack
  • Monitor your blog traffic with this plugin to get more visitors
  • Included several content tools such as useful Shortcodes, beautiful math, markdown, post by email etc.
  • Engage your blog visitors with short links, likes, notification, comment, publicize post through social media etc. features of this plugin
  • Improve blog loading time with Photon CDN
  • Comes with high security to protect your WP blog from malware access or hacking attempts

Number#4 | WP Super Cache

Blog loading time is important to provide better user experience to readers, engage them easily, get more page view as well as reduce bounce rate. Everyone wants to visit a blog/site that load fast. So you should consider your blog loading time. There are several facts responsible for a blog loading time but you can use a cache plugin which helps to improve blog loading time. There are hundreds of cache plugin available on the web, but should select the best one which can really improve your WP blog loading time. The WP Super Cache is like that one which comes with easy to use and configure features as well as improve your blog loading time better than any other cache plugin. With over 1 million downloads and 4.3 out of 5 rating, this is one of the best cache plugin for WordPress site/blog.WP Super Cache

Number#5 | Shareaholic | share buttons, related posts, social analytics & more

Social media plays a vital role to rank your blog content better in SERPs and drive huge traffic to your blog. If your blog content gets more social shares through readers, then the content will rank better in SERPs and you will get huge traffic from search engines as well as social media. To get more social shares through readers, your blog must have a social sharing plugin with user friendly interface. The Shareaholic is one of the popular social sharing plugin which comes with stylish social button and almost all major social platforms included with this plugin. Just install and configure this plugin perfectly to get more social shares.Shareaholic

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Number#6 | BulletProof Security

Security is one of the most important facts and you must concern about it. Your blog is the most important property and you should ensure its security. There are several techniques you can follow to ensure your site security and protect it from virus, malwares or hacking attempts. You will find the various WordPress Security Plugins and you can use a good security plugin to secure your WP blog. The BulletProof Security is a popular WP security plugin which comes with various features and functions to protect the WP blog/site from virus, malwares, hacking attempts or unwanted logins. You can use this plugin for free, just install and configure the plugin perfectly to secure your blog.Bulletproof WordPress Security Plugin

Number#7 | Pretty Link Lite

As a blogger, you know the importance of Affiliate Marketing to monetize a blog better to make more money from your blog. We know that, Google and some other search engines don’t like Affiliate links, so we need to hide the affiliate link to rank content better in SERPs. The Pretty Link Lite will help you to hide affiliate links easily. You can use this plugin for free, but there is a premium version of this plugin available with more features.Pretty Link Lite

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Number#8 | Envira Gallery Lite

You may have a photography blog or need to post photos randomly, then you need a photo gallery plugin to manage photos easily. The photo gallery plugin also helps to show photos on your blog with a stylish and attractive view that will help to engage readers. The Envira Gallery Lite is a free photo gallery plugin that will help you to create and publish a photo gallery easily and quickly. The plugin comes with several features to manage and show images easily.

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Number#9 | UpdraftPlus Backup and Restoration

Your blog may affect through virus, malwares or hacking attempts and you may lose your blog data. So you must take your blog backup regularly. You can do it manually or use a backup plugin to do it automatically. There are several plugins available to take your blog backup through could server or mail. The UpdraftPlus Backup and Restoration is one of the best backup plugin to take backup through could server like Google Drive, Dropbox or AmazonS3. Just install and configure the plugin with any could server and it will take your blog backup automatically on a regular basis. You can also restore backup directly using this plugin.UpdraftPlus Backup and Restoration

Number#10 | WP-Optimize

You must keep your WP site/blog database health by optimizing it on a regular basis. It will help to load your blog fast and protect your database from any kind of damage. When you run WordPress then you may concern about post revision and auto draft. So you must clean up these regularly. The WP-Optimize can help you to clean up and optimize your database manually or automatically. This will save your hosting space as well as help to run your WP blog faster.WP Optimize

So, according to some WordPress experts and bloggers, I found these plugins are Top 10 WordPress Plugins of the year 2015. If I missed to include any important plugins into this list please let me know by commenting below and also let me know which plugins do you used on your WordPress blog.

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