The Ultimate Guide to Writing an Epic Blog Post that Will Rank Well

When you create a blog, you surely want it to rank on top. You worked hard for it, thus you hope to get as much traffic as possible. Although, due to the many articles and blogs that one can read online, inviting them to notice or take the time to read yours may not come easy.

Do you want your blog to stand out and rank on readers’ search? Following the guidelines below will help you get the largest traffic a blog can ever reach.The Ultimate Guide to Writing an Epic Blog Post

Write useful, highly engaging content

Any blog can be epic; it just requires highly interesting and useful topics and discussions. Make your topics related to your target readers; make it sound like you are telling a story to a friend. Too formal write ups may just give boredom to readers. Give them something that they may see useful to their everyday lives, this is a good way to make them read your blog and will actually keep coming back for more blogs from you.

Do not write something that will seem like you are doing a monologue; make it highly engaging and conversational.

Build strong desire

You should always try to make ways to make your readers interested or feel the need for them to read more of your blogs. The desire of blogs should be something you try to implement and imply to your readers. Although that desire should start of within you, building your desire to write specific blog topics will definitely reflect towards what you write. Start the interest within you and all things will surely follow.

Build the desire to all parties, and do not exclude yourself. Always put on your reader’s shoes and if you find it interesting then they would surely feel the same.

Promote the post each day

Here is what, with the number of blogs that readers can take advantage reading online, is there a chance for your blog to rank? The answer is yes, first all you need to do is promote your post each day, not just promoting in the sense of having it promoted. Make use of the right sites, social media networks, even forums etc. Strategize your promotion, making use of those platforms that is highly accessible to public will help you get your blog on the top rank. If there are thousands of different blogs that one can access online, good news is, there are millions of people who are interested to read different blogs.

It may take time for your blog to hit the top but with the proper channels online that you can use will surely help you get your blog on the top spot. Promote and advertise your blog every day, never miss a day without promoting your blog, it will surely help you big time.

Building inbound links to blog post

Make use of blogs that are already on the top ranks when people make their searches. This will give you higher chances of getting noticed. Inbound links are a hyperlink that will send readers to your site coming from other websites. This will give you larger traffic especially that you are connected with sites that are already on the top ranks.

Interlink your blog post

Interlinking your blog post is surely a great idea as you make your site well organized. Google use a “spider” to determine your web content and order. If they see that your website is well linked or connected from one page to another then, they will categorize you as a good site, thus placing you on the top of the search engine. Linking one page to another on your site will give you the better advantage to SEO and at the same time giving your guests easy way to navigate, thus making them browse a little bit more.

Interlinking your blog does not give you just the advantage to SEO but as well as giving your guests ease as they make their search and browse on your website. People may tend to be very busy, thus hard to navigate website is surely not something they will spend time scanning.

Eye catching

Surely, a reader will give time to blogs they see interesting, and how to catch their interest? It is on the appearance of the blog. Color, size and type of font including pictures or inserts, these are the first few things that a normal reader would look into, to add, a catchy title and sub-topics.

For you to maximize your blog’s reach, it is only necessary that you make use of eye-catching blog graphics. It does not necessarily mean comical, but at least something that the mass would be interested trying out.

Who does not want their blogs to hit the top rank? Follow the guidelines set and see for yourself, the advantage it can bring your blog posts.

Author Bio: 

Vincent Hill is an expert writer who writes on different categories like how to start a blog, content writing, blog design and much more. His writing is not only descriptive but also meaningful. He loves to share his ideas on different categories.

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