Rank Math SEO Plugin Review: A Free & Powerful Plugin To Improve Your SEO Score

Google keeps changing its search algorithms to improve user experience. To make sure that your site doesn’t lose rankings, you need to adhere to all the frequent changes that Google introduces from time to time. Even if you track these amendments closely, there are plenty of other factors that need to be dealt with carefully, such as metadata, keyword density, image alt tags, internal links, and OBL score.

Unless they are adequately addressed, you can never achieve first page rankings and create a sustainable income stream. That said, keeping a close eye on these factors requires a lot of manual work, which might not be possible due to your busy schedule and limited resources.Rank Math SEO Plugin Review

There are two ways to deal with this situation — either you can outsource the SEO work of your site to professionals and let them do the needful on your behalf.

The biggest problem, in this case, is that despite how much money you’re paying, there is no way you can expect the same level of diligence and determination from them that you’d show for improving your site’s performance.

So, this isn’t an ideal way to start the proceedings, especially if you have a limited budget.

The second way to pull strings is to opt for an SEO tool that does everything mentioned above on its own and allows you to focus on other growth hacks. This is popular among most bloggers and site owners these days. You can also give it a shot and get the desired results.

The only concern with this strategy is that there are multiple SEO tools available in the market, and sometimes it might get confusing to choose one. If that’s the problem you faced in the past or are facing now, then we have got your back. In this post, we will review an SEO tool that is powerful, correctly coded, and most importantly comes free of cost.

Rank Math SEO plugin has been creating buzz ever since its launch day for various good reasons. In this Rank Math SEO plugin review, we will talk about all of them, including its features, pros, cons, and why it is better than other SEO tools in the market.

Rank Math SEO Plugin Overview

The Rank Math SEO plugin is a cutting-edge SEO tool that does end to end SEO analysis of your website and suggests you the best settings to improve its rankings. Developed by the brilliant technical team of MyThemeShop, a household name in the WordPress industry, Rank Math functions as the one stop solution for all your on-site SEO needs. It’s packed with a host of top-notch SEO features like keyword distribution, technical SEO, rich snippets, meta descriptions, and everything else that has any effect on a site’s search rankings.Rank Math SEO Plugin Overview

No matter if you have been blogging for a while now or just starting, you’ll find Rank Math plugin quite easy to install and operate without facing any technical issue. It is beginner friendly and comes packed with some of the most powerful features to shoot site rankings to all new heights.

Rank Math SEO Plugin Features

To manage a site’s SEO and improve its rankings gradually, you need a plugin that has every critical SEO feature in the store. Rank Math is one such plugin that can live up to your expectations and provide you with amazing results comfortably. Here are some of its features to give you a glimpse of how useful this plugin can be for your website.

Easy Setup Process

If you have ever tried a search engine optimization plugin before, you must know how difficult it becomes to set it up initially. The process requires a lot of technical modifications and may take hours to accomplish. Even after it’s done, you cannot be assured whether the settings you have made are right according to the content written on your site. This is where Rank Math outranks all other SEO plugins in the market.Easy Setup Process

The moment you download and install it on your blog from the WordPress directory or the Rank Math official website, it starts configuring itself in a fully automated mode. During the step-by-step installation process, it adjusts itself according to your website’s structure and recommends necessary SEO amendments needed to be made.

The process lasts for a couple of minutes after which you can accept the suggestions to improve your site’s SEO score as well as its performance on Google.

Around this time only, Rank Math sets up your website’s webmaster and social media profiles to put things into motion.

This is something most other SEO plugins fail to provide, thereby creating issues for non-technical users and beginner bloggers to setup SEO profiles of their websites. However, with Rank Math SEO plugin, no such problem arises during the initial setup.

Clean Interface

Another common issue with most SEO plugins is that they have a complicated and ugly interface with messed up settings and confusing tabs all around. Unless you’re an experienced SEO ninja, it’s difficult to understand these settings in one go.Clean Interface

Rank Math has put an end to this problem once and for all. With its clean and intriguing Interface, you don’t need to feel glassy-eyed anymore. Once you finish the initial setup, Rank Math starts showing relevant information about your blog posts on the dashboard. All you need to do is follow the instructions and make corrections as suggested by this plugin for positive results.

You can also preview advanced snippets to have a glimpse of how your blog posts will appear on search engines and various social media platforms, and make necessary tweaks in the URL, title or metadata for a higher CTR.

ToolTips For Beginners

It’s great if you have been blogging for a while now and are aware of most SEO settings. But in case you have just started your first blog and still consider yourself a beginner, this feature is all you need to master the art of the technical SEO. With Rank Math’s SEO ToolTips feature, you can learn about different technical SEO settings, what they are used for, and how you can configure them.

Search Engine Crawl Error Notifier

Indexing issue has become quite prevalent these days among bloggers and digital marketers. And every time it occurs, it can pull your rankings, traffic, and sales down in no time. Rank Math ensures that you don’t have to face search engine crawl error ever. It notifies you about factors that might affect indexing, including 404 error and fixes all of them immediately to keep your site up 24/7.

Image SEO

Image SEO is as vital for search rankings as the rest of the SEO factors, but unfortunately, not many bloggers pay heed to it. Thanks to Rank Math’s dedicated image SEO settings that you can optimize your site’s images in bulk and drive a lot of organic traffic in an autopilot mode. Just switch this feature on once, and Rank Math will take care of everything from that point onwards. As simple as that.

Sitemap Generation & Ping Search Engines

All bloggers dream to see their blog posts ranking on the first page immediately after they are published. Now you can realize this dream with Rank Math’s ‘Ping Search Engines’ features. When this feature is on, Rank Math will ping multiple search engines as soon as you publish a post, resulting in quick rankings and organic traffic. It also generates sitemaps from time to time so that search engines get all the content updates and send targeted traffic.

The long list of Rank Math’s features doesn’t end here. There are plenty more, which you can use to improve your site’s search engine score. More details about these features can be found here.

Rank Math Vs. Other SEO Plugins

It’s always good to compare Rank Math with other SEO plugins available in the market to fix all your doubts beforehand. At present, three SEO tools cover a majority of SEO market — Yoast, SEO Framework, and AIO SEO. If you compare its features and pricing with theirs, you’ll know the difference.

Both Yoast and AIO offer multiple features, but most of them are available only with the premium version as compared to Rank Math that provides everything for free. SEO Framework, on the other hand, lacks automation and ease of use. You need to devote a lot of time setting it up in the beginning, something you can do in less than a few minutes with Rank Math.

So, if you take a close look at different plugins in the market, you’ll find there is hardly any option that can contend with Rank Math’s powerful features, ease of use, free of cost pricing model, and search engine friendly nature.

Pros & Cons of Rank Math

There is hardly any tool on the web that doesn’t have its cons. Rank Math is no exception. So, in this section, we will review it based on various pros and cons that might come handy at a later stage.

When it comes to pros of Rank Math, you have many. It’s easy to set up, has tons of SEO features, functions as a one-stop solution for all your SEO requirements, doesn’t slow down your site, and most importantly doesn’t cost you any money. You can enjoy all of its premium features free of cost.

The cons of Rank Math include lack of supporting content and over-complex SEO analysis. Due to lack of supporting material, if you feel stuck at some point, you might not find relevant content references easily. However, it’s understandable as the plugin is comparatively new to the market and has a long road to cover. With time, we will see more supporting content to help fix usual doubts.

Final Words

Rank Math has many premium features that are available for free of cost. It’s easy to set up and works in a fully automated mode. With time, we can expect the development team to add many new features that will further boost your site’s search engine performance. So, based on this review, our vote goes to Rank Math. You can download Rank Math now and improve your site’s rankings without any further delay.

Are you a Rank Math user? How has your experience been so far? Please share your feedback or any doubts about it with us in the comments section below.

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