Host1Plus offers Perfect VPS Hosting for my Ecommerce Store

I started my online store 2 years ago. The ecommerce revolution had just begun back then. Although, there were many online store designing and hosting services, I wanted to keep it unique so I hired a web designer to build my site. It was 6 months ago that I felt the need to make some major changes with my online store. I was receiving tons of traffic and there was an urgent need for an upgrade. When I enquired with my web host for an upgrade, the price was too expensive. It was a big jump for me or I could have left my site stuck with its slow performance. There was no flexibility from my provider! It took me some online research before I came across the best VPS hosting company for my ecommerce store – Host1Plus!Host1Plus

Which VPS Hosting Plan I Chose?

I chose the VPS Gold Plan from Host1Plus and loved the flexibility of the plan. The web host allowed me to configure my requirements using a customization page. I could calibrate everything as per my site’s enhanced needs. This included:

  • CPU power
  • RAM
  • Storage
  • Bandwidth
  • Number of IP addresses
  • Number of backups

And even the location of my server (that was entirely new for me)!

Before I did not know that I could have a choice in the location of my server.

What is the plan that I have chosen for my ecommerce store?

My online store now has a VPS hosting plan with 3GB RAM, 60GB of storage, 3TB of bandwidth, quad-core CPU, 4 IP addresses and 2x backups, and all this costs me just under $50 a month. I couldn’t have asked for anything better. The changes have been so easily noticeable, I would like to summarize them here for others looking for a great VPS hosting plan:

  • My visitors and customers no longer complained about a slow website
  • There were no downtime anymore
  • My customers stopped complaining about broken purchase processes (it was a big loss for me in the past)
  • My product pages load faster even though they have high quality images (this is a big plus because my customers make their decisions based on the product images)
  • I am also thinking of adding a few pages of videos for product demonstration (all it will require me is to slightly increase my storage and bandwidth using the flexible Host1Plus customization tool)

Value Proposition

It is not just the flexibility offered by Host1Plus that has impressed me, but the value proposition that they deliver.

Host1Plus offers Fast Professional Support

The web host’s support has a multi-faceted approach.

  • Support Center
  • Knowledgebase
  • Tutorials

The knowledgebase and tutorials are perfect for newbies. Pros like me with some industry experience would prefer directly reaching out to their customer support team.

Live chat is the easiest and fastest way to get my queries and issues resolved.

Regular Backup

My web host conducts regular backups of my site. This is extremely important for me even though I have my assistant taking a backup once every week!

I am always updating my store with new products and tweaking a few things like descriptions and images here and there. In the absence of a backup, I will be left in a sticky situation if my site were to be affected in any way! Host1Plus conducts periodic backups with multiple copies which is extremely beneficial for me.

Domain Transfer

This is one advantage I should have mentioned in the beginning of my review. Moving my domain to Host1Plus was an easy task. Usually I have heard from many others that this is one of the most complex tasks when you move from a host that is also your domain provider. However, the team at Host1Plus did most of the job and guided me through the tougher tasks.


I feel myself to be lucky to have come across Host1Plus’s VPS hosting plan. It is much more than what my ecommerce store requires and I think I will not have to upgrade for another two years. Even if I needed some more resources, all I will have to do is slide the bar and increase the bandwidth or storage. I will recommend this web hosting provider to everyone who comes across my review!

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