GetResponse Vs VerticalResponse — Comparison Of The Two Most Known Email Marketing Tools

When we talk about any online business, we also think about email marketing. As email marketing is one of the most important tools used for running a successful online business. Whenever you will be searching about any email marketing tools you will surely have tens of choices before you making you confused. So for you to choose the right platform, here we are reviewing and comparing two of the most known email marketing tools — GetResponse and VerticalResponse.Email Marketing

Both GetResponse and VerticalResponse have their own features and qualities.


The Good:

GetResponse offers you variety of features. It will help you a lot in making your online campaign successful. Following are the top features and ‘goods’ of GetResponse:

  1. GetResponse enables you to design custom landing pages, which helps you in obtaining more lead.
  2. It has 99% delivery rate.
  3. GetResponse offers its users free trial of 30 days without any advance credit card details.
  4. GetResponse also has autoresponder 2.0 that enables you to send time and event based emails to all of your subscribers.
  5. GetResponse includes the inbox preview feature that helps you in previewing the message before it is being sent to your contact list.
  6. It helps you to build email signup forms for any website, any blog or for Facebook.
  7. You can use A/B testing to analyze the working of campaign, either it is successful or not.
  8. GetResponse offers you hundreds of stock images. You will be able to add them into your emails before sending.
  9. GetResponse enables its users to generate mobile friendly emails that help in growing the reach of your emails.
  10. It provides better split testing as compared to other email marketing tools.

The Bad:

The only two drawbacks of GetResponse in my point of view are:
1. It does not offer any free plan.
2. Email customization of GetResponse is limited as compared to other marketing tools.


The Good:

1. VerticalResponse enables you to set up your account without any credit card information.
2. VerticalResponse offers you many different kind of video tutorials for guidance and training.
3. It also Offers a free plan for 30 days that includes 4000 mails to 1000 customers! See that’s Amazing.
4. Includes OPT-in Forms that are customizable.
5. Enables sharing on social media like Facebook and Twitter.
6. Includes list segmentation along with other management tools.
7. VerticalResponse offers real time reporting and is easily accessible from any browser.
8. It enables you the segmentation of your mailing list, and you can send your mail to any sub group, according to your requirement.
9. It also has “Pay as you Go’’ option. This option provides you flexibility in payments every month.
10. Better support community.

The bad:

1. Well. VerticalResponse does not have any built-in surveys.
2. In VerticalResponse, the spam checking tool is very limited.
3. Does not have built-in images.
4. Contact management is very poor.
5. No image hosting.

Since both Email marketing tools, GetResponse and VerticalResponse have their own features, but in my point of view VerticalResponse and its features are quite outdated. Whereas GetResponse offers you more unique features that are easy and simple in use. So GetResponse is a winner here.


GetResponse Starts it plans with $15 and its contact list includes 1000 subscribers. Moreover it also offers you a free trial of 30 days.VerticalResponse Pricing

Whereas in comparison to that VerticalResponse is the best option for the beginners. It usually offers discount prices and different plans for the customers with huge contact list. In addition to that VerticalResponse also offers a free trial of 30 days enabling you to add 1000 contacts and to send 4000 emails a month. So VerticalResponse is a winner here. But it also depends on your requirement.VerticalResponse Free Trial


Email design is very important in email marketing. Everyone wants to make their emails more appealing towards subscribers. Both GetResponse and VerticalResponse have very unique design features. Both are equally responsive with drag and drop options. Whereas VerticalResponse has number of unique templates with better drag and drop option. It is difficult to pick a winner here. The both are same when it comes to design.

6 Reasons to Prefer GetResponse over VerticalResponse?

I am suggesting you GetResponse over VerticalResponse for many reasons. Some of them are listed below.

  1. GetResponse have variety of Built in images.
  2. GetResponse supports different languages like English, Japanese, German and some more.
  3. It offers free trial of 30 days. Without demanding any advance credit card details.
  4. GetResponse is easy and simple to use.
  5. It has better templates and enables you to edit your emails with drag and drop option.
  6. GetResponse enables you to generate mobile friendly emails.

6 Reasons to Prefer VerticalResponse over GetResponse?

The reasons of suggesting VerticalResponse Over GetResponse are as following.

  1. It offers the best free plan. That is available for the number of emails sent and contacts.
  2. It offers email archiving for free.
  3. Better customer service options are available.
  4. Round about 1 million users across the world.
  5. Enables list segmentation.
  6. Responsive email and HTML templates.

Over To You

We have discussed every aspect of the tools including their good and bad features and their pricing plans. Its up to you and the level of your business. If you are a beginner, VerticalResponse will be a great option otherwise you should go with GetResponse if you are planning to build a large email list.

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