6 Key Email List Building Strategies with Social Media

Have you tried all the email list building techniques but not able to generate a strong subscription base for your blog? Are you looking for the fastest way to grow email list? Or you are a new internet marketer and want to know how to collect email addresses for email marketing in an effective way?6 Key Email List Building Strategies with Social Media

If the answer is ‘YES’ for any of these, then you are at the right place. In this article we will discuss about the 6 proven ways to grow your email list with social media sites. No matter what type of business you are in, you must have a substantial subscribers’ base, to earn some good bucks over the internet.

Why do you need to build your Email List?

Do you know that your email marketing database degrades at a rate of about 22.5% every year? The reasons may be many like – contacts being changing the old email address, switching companies, unsubscribing from your email communication and many such.

Whatever be the reason is, as an online marketer, you must add fresh contacts to your email campaign on a continuous basis so that your email list can cover up the gap and also keeps on increasing. But you must also keep in mind that people won’t give away their email address if you are not able to give a good reason to them for doing so.

After you start a blog of your own and have some great content/ resources which you think are of use to other people, the next step would be to build a list of prospects who may opt for your products/ services in future.

So, now as you know why you must keep on building your email list, let’s find out the most effective and right techniques to grow your email list.

How to Grow Your Email List with Social Media

Let me guess that, you have a strong social presence and a number of fans in the social networking sites. Though you may definitely push the deals through your social pages, but still many people prefer to receive permission-based offers through email marketing.

Make sure you leverage the benefits through all the top social networking sites.  This way you can convert your existing social media fans into email subscribers and hence your potential customers. So do not get discouraged with the current subscribers’ count and start practicing these simple tactics.

  1. Add a Call-to-Action button to your Social Profiles

Add a Call-to-Action button to the top of your Facebook business profile and link the CTA button to your sign-up form. In case of other social sites like Twitter and Google+, you can add a shortened link to the sign up form in your profile/ bio section as they do not allow hosting of any landing page.

  1. Create Sweepstakes, Contests and Giveaways

Using sweepstakes, contests and giveaways on the social media platforms are a great way to build your list. These promotion strategies help to develop your fan base along with amplifying the list of email subscribers.

You can use Facebook apps for your contests and giveaways, but make sure that you opt for those apps that comprises of a sign up form to enter the contest. Also remember to advertise about the giveaways on all the social media platforms to attract more audience.

  1. Online Advertising on Facebook and Twitter

Another great way to enlarge your subscription list is through online advertising on Facebook and Twitter. You can create ads on Facebook that are created by targeting the people based on their page likings.

With Twitter you can send tailored tweets to people based on their geographic locations. Paid advertisements on social media platforms helps you to reach a huge number of prospective audience who otherwise may not be aware of your business.

  1. Twitter Lead Generation Cards

Twitter cards are kind of more extensive tweets created by attention grabbing images, simple Call to Action buttons, text descriptions of the prospectus value after someone signs up.

Lead Generation Cards are only accessible to accounts those having advertising facility and can consist of higher than 140 characters. You can use Twitter Lead Generation campaign to promote your content like some freebies or an ebook and at the same time collect the customers’ information.

  1. Generate Pinterest offers

Pinterest is one of the best places to target the micro niche audience. Statistics show that 28.1% of the Pinterest users make some huge amount of money per year. Pinterest allows you to promote any content like your blog posts, videos or deals & offers.

Use this social site to promote an exclusive content that require email sign up. Include an interesting picture which consist of a link to the actual site. It will tempt the user to click through the image and as well as the associated link.

  1. Use Google+ Page

Promote email sign-up through Google+ updates. Make use of your Google+ About section to let people know about your offer. You can use Google+ Hangouts to organize meetings, interviews or any other customer interaction.

Earning money online is not an easy job. It needs huge dedication and consistency. And to be a successful internet marketer, you must have a growing list of email subscribers. So, make sure that you try every possible aspect to enlarge your mailing list.

The above tips are not difficult to implement, yet very effective to increase the rate of new subscriptions. These will help you to increase your email database by reaching out to the people who already follow you on social media. But make sure that you do not bore your social followers, otherwise you may lose your existing fan base.

So are you using any of these email list building strategies? Or do you have any other techniques to grow your email list with social media sites? Please feel free to share the approaches you have applied to your blog and have seen a significant boost in the subscription rate.

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